Supporting Two Teams?

That's about the long and the short of it really, however if your dad didn't follow football and just to spite your older brother you follow the "Other" team which in my case happened to be City :(

I can remember playing in the street and hearing the roars on matchday, fuck knows why my older brother became a follower of the swamp dwelling plastics.
If your dad didn’t follow football then there’s no hope. For him. Or his kids.
Anyone that says they used to watch City one week then United/ someone else the week after needs shooting. Twice.
I used to know someone, who went to Millwall one week and Charlton the next.

He once told me that the finest goalkeeper he ever saw was Frank Swift, and he thought he’d never see a better one, until he watched some German ex-PoW.
My dad would have disowned me had I worn anything other than a City top.
Not a fucking chance I’d have been caught wearing a fucking Arsenal shirt. Or any other top. Fuck that. City or nothing.

My dad was a bit of a casual fan, he was a good player but didn’t go to games that often unless he was dragged along by family and friends. It was my uncle and cousin who radicalised me when I was about 8 years old and by 10 I had a season ticket, at which point I wouldn’t be caught dead in any other team’s shirt.

I think younger than that though, lots of kids don’t really get what it is to support a team yet. My nephew went through about four teams before I made it quite clear that he was going to be a City fan - as was tradition by that point.
I am a Cardiff City fan, who left South Wales in 1975.
First saw City get pipped 0-4 by Derby County in the whitewash/penalty game.
My missus, our 3 kids and the vast majority of my mates are City fans.
Cardiff City are my personal burden that I wouldn't want to share as it's bloody painful.
City are my second team that I've seen twenty fold more times than the Bluebirds.
But in the few matches they've played each other I cheer on Cardiff.
So, I suppose I'm a person who has two teams...
YJB :-)
Isn't this what National teams are for?

I get why supporters of teams lower down the league take an interest in a huge Premier League game, but the notion that they'd support either team as a '2nd team' is strange, and not something I'd ever come across when I followed England and got to know a number of fans that supported clubs all over the country.

Anyone I've ever come across that's had a 2nd team or in many cases, multiple teams have all been foreign and in all cases they'd never been to a game of any of the teams that they followed.

I imagine it's rare to come across anyone from any of the major footballing countries that support more than 1 domestic club and their national side.
If your dad didn’t follow football then there’s no hope. For him. Or his kids.
My Dad was interested in football but he didn't particularly follow any team. I can't say that at any time he gave the impression he was a City fan. He did play for a team called Ardwick Ramblers, whether that was made up to stop the torrent of questions, so he got much nearer City than the marshlands on the banks of the Bridgewater Canal. My own journey began on a City home weekend and we went with my Uncle who had come down from Whitehaven. I shudder to think what might have happened had it been a home weekend for the Rags.

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