Swansea (a) Post Match Thread

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by balotelli's back pocket, 15 May 2016.

  1. Healdplace


    12 May 2013
    For those wondering the record PL score is 9-0 (by United as it happens). So they need more than double that.

    The highest ever in the first division is 12 - 0 twice - the last time 107 years ago.

    The highest in the four English divisions is 13-0 achieved first by Stockport County in Div 3 in 1934 and twice since by other teams(with the last time 70 years ago).

    So you can see how extraordinarily unlikely (and fishy) this would be.
  2. sam-caddick


    9 Jun 2011
    it was the right result, but my word what a shocker of a performance.

    i felt sorry for sergio, you could see he wanted that golden boot today.

    i can't see mangala, fernando, clichy and navas playing much under pep, they are just not of the quality needed to go forward in my opinion.
  3. FanchesterCity


    27 Sep 2011
    Block 123
    A goal every 5 minutes! That's scoring more often than Ryan Giggs with other women.
  4. Stiff Little Wingers

    Stiff Little Wingers

    25 Aug 2010
    Second half was unbelievably tense but we got over the line thank god. Not for a good while have I been so happy to get the season ended- felt like wading through treacle league wise last 3 months.

    Sad for me - end of the 6 trophy team to a large degree
    Sad to see possibly best player we've had giving such great highs going out like a bloated, drug raddled Elvis. YaYa himself and Pellegrini combined wasted last year
    Pleased - to see end of Pellegrini champs to just falling over in 4th place in 2 years is not good
    Hope to see - a sensible buying strategy from Txixi because to date it has been 5/10 for me
    Bloody delighted - to see Pep
  5. pml79


    19 Oct 2010
    At home,work and block 118southstand
    We haven't qualified yet we have to play 2 games to get there
  6. Dhruv1


    23 Mar 2014
    Weird game. Lots of chances but miss after miss. Unhappy with the ref on plenty occasions.
    Even the awarding of our goal, eventually got there. Well done Kelechi, nice reaction finish, though he had strange errors and indecisiveness today.
    Ag├╝ero exactly the same, tried but just couldn't score, the whole team seemed very nervy at times. De Bruyne was lively and have to give credit to the Ferns and the defence, definitely wasn't perfect but we got there.
    Immensely relieved and happy. Well done Manchester City. Nervous 'til the end, but we did it.

    I have enjoyed Pellegrini's time here. The first season ofcourse was the best. The League Cup and the Premier League. Beautiful winning football. Last season there were a lot of negatives, didn't win anything, but we did get the Golden Glove and Boot.
    This season started amazingly. There was cause for concern, but it was still going well. Won the League Cup, hope to remember Willy Caballero's heroics for a long time. February 1st was an awesome day, I heard about the announcement virtually live, still in awe. We've seen some awful stuff since then and before, indefensible head-shaking football. I don't have enough information to judge, but I imagine it was a combination of errors by lots of people. The Champions League exit was pretty sad, but we made it two stages further than ever before and I think that's worth celebrating. I'm hopeful that we can cure some of our enduring weaknesses in future. But we just about managed to keep cool enough in the end, and we can breathe a sigh of relief.
    I did enjoy Mancini's style: his flair, his passion, his humour. But I've also personally loved Pellegrini's. 99% of the time conducted himself with utmost class. His clash with Pardew and guilty comments about that Swedish ref show there is fire underneath that. I always liked how he handled the media too. Gave them nothing most of the time. Seemingly trying to escape by the last few questions. It was a shame but in a way I also liked his apparent disdain for the FA for not being kind to us with scheduling. And he has stood up for us, saying we weren't given enough credit for the League title.
    Found him pretty funny too, stuttering to blurt out the same response who knows how many times, chronically bloodshot eyes, everything is "important" etc.
    "Thanks for all, I will never forget you and most of all don't change... I see you"
    "I don't have a shirt, because I don't play, so I gave my jacket to the fans because they deserve it".
    Muchas gracias Manuel, farewell!
  7. Brett Sinclair

    Brett Sinclair

    12 Apr 2015
    You're making the same mistake as all the other posters in comparing managers from the days when we were skint (Allison perhaps is the exception as we wasted a fair chunk in his 2nd spell). I perhaps should have said 'one of the worst' and not THE worst. I just think that based on the players he's had at his disposal his management of the team has been truly and utterly woeful - I honestly believe all of those you mention could have got us higher than 4th place this year.
  8. sir baconface

    sir baconface

    20 May 2012
    Not in my lifetime.
    Preston NE 26 - 0 Hyde Utd.

    (But it was a cup game.)
  9. Millwallawayveteran1988


    23 Sep 2010
    I would be amazed if United play anyone in this who will play in the cup final in any case. Players will have their minds on that now, the stadium will be half full and I can see it finishing goalless or 1-0 either way.
  10. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    Oh. Champions league qualifiers, here we come :)

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