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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

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    Votes: 101 5.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1,902 95.0%

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Sir peace frog

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9 Jan 2009
stalking the canals and rivers
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Manchester City Football Club
The only way to stop this is kicking out the clubs, that won't happen, that extra money will get us a worldie player, next season starts with the new super league, sky and bt will get involved the media will love it flying all over Europe for glamour fixtures the hype will over come the disgust, in a couple of seasons it will be the norm and the world will turn, if you don't want to follow city anymore don't care,welcome to the digital age we've just replaced you with 3 over seas fans thanks for your loyal support but xyz will spend money you won't , that's what will happen and there's fuck all as fans we can do about


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26 Dec 2011
Can we not have the government give these ‘big 6 owners’ a set amount of time to sell the clubs. Failure to sell within the time given will result in seizure of assets?

These cunts can go make tigers city or something. Then they can do what they want!!


14 Jan 2009
5 different clubs won the premier league in the last decade.

All 5 were owned by billionaires. That's the entire point. You're arguing against the Super League which is a competition that is essentially locked off by about 15 clubs who can realistically win it, in favour of the Premier League which is a competition that is essentially locked off by about 5 clubs or so who can realistically win it.

I've arguments against the Super League myself but the "it kills competition" one isn't a real argument.


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12 Apr 2015
Just caught the last part of Silly Sally on BBC sports news she was interviewing Ex City chairmen David Bernstien ,then she interviewed Kevin Parker from city supporters club, talking about greed and money etc, funny how nobody from Utd or Liverpool were interviewed.


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18 Jan 2013
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The game has been going this way for years. This is its logical conclusion.

Of course I hate it to the core. No relegation and right by entitlement is against sport but I don't think City had much choice in this.
Let's join the dots on this:
  • 'underwritten' by JP Morgan (not 'financed')
  • JP Morgan is a US investment bank
  • the model is very similar to US sports franchises
  • JP Morgan are obviously expecting to make a profit on this by selling the rights around the World (and, let's not misunderstand, the market for this is the world, not England or Europe) and they are no mugs
  • It is almost certainly driven by the US owned clubs
So, faced with this, City have two choices - get involved or not. We can sit outside and take the moral high ground but if it actually happened and was successful (bith big 'ifs' I grant you) then our business would take a big, big hit. And let's not forget, we've all been shouting from the rooftops that the purchase of City in 2008 was a business investment and the aim is for HHSM to make a big profit in the long run by turning it into a global sports business. Taking a big hit is not part of the plan. And for those who say 'being banned from the PL etc. gives a bigger hit', that may be true (I'm sure someone is crunching the numbers as we speak) but, if so, then clearly the ESL won't happen - but it depends who blinks first (the PL would be a lame duck without the top 6 as well so it's a lose/lose situation).

So, whilst it may leave a sour taste in the mouth, I can understand entirely why the board have thrown their lot in with the ESL idea.


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7 Nov 2005
My initial reaction was pretty much one of horror at the thought of this. I saw the impassioned pleas of Neville and nodded along,

The clubs though have a point. How long have City fans hated UEFA, called it corrupt, despised the CL?

This is a breakaway from UEFA not the PL, we would still play in the PL and without UEFA squad limits we could easily afford a squad of 40 players that are registered for both competitions.

Covid has shown that the appetite for live football on TV remains even if no fans attend, so don't think that fans will be important, there not already.

I don't like the people involved with setting it up, that is the downside, but they also have dealings with UEFA and if like us as fans they see UEFA as corrupt then can you blame them for wanting out?

The proposed changes to the CL are ridiculous so why not fuck UEFA off and go it alone. Leave them and their shitty CL to be played for by clubs finishing 4th in domestic leagues. UEFA have brought this on themselves. Fuck em
The proposed changes to the CL are indeed ridiculous but so is having the likes of Spurs in a tournament that they can never been excluded from. This is a club that hasn't won their own league since 1961, has only qualified for the CL on four occasions and has lost 13 out of the 35 games they have ever played in the competition. And whilst the whole CL scenario is grotesque this so called super league is worse


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26 May 2004
The consequence of not joining are worse than the consequence of joining, IMO. Given our relationship with UEFA I can see why the club have jumped into this. The outcome is unclear though - I see the end game as still a CL style competition with UEFA but the clubs holding much more power than the organisation that runs it. It’ll be an interesting next move.
I'd rather see us broke in the PL than a cash cow in the SL.

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