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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

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    Votes: 99 5.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1,888 95.0%

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9 Jan 2006
How are City not defending the league?
The ESL would stratify the Premier League even more so than the CL because of the invitation to a very lucrative competition. It would be unfair.

City maybe good at football admin but we are completely inept at coping with politics (Liverpool spygate, UEFA FFP, and we've misread this). Should have kept out. I can see the fear of missing out on the ESL if it was a fait accompli would be enormous but they should also be able to gauge and understand the reaction and likely outcome.


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3 Jun 2009
Having been a City fan for over 50 years I have a rough idea.
Change is never welcome especially when emotions get involved.
UEFA have done nothing but try to halt our progress at every stage and this is properly fucking then off.
Has everybody forgotten why we boo???
Look, it’s v likely this will not materialise but it’s making a stance against UEFA and I like that!
I think most City fans hate the Cartel clubs more than UEFA which is why it’s shit we’ve jumped into bed with them

I'm Blue

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24 Aug 2009
The only way i see us backtracking on this is if all the other clubs do the same and quash this because it isn’t viable.
We have rightly or wrongly decided to get on the cash bus and the only way we’re getting off it is if everyone else does, or the football organisations or government set fire to the bus.

Blue Llama

Well-Known Member
26 May 2009
The elite clubs tried and failed having us kicked out of Europe by FFP

These elite clubs ask us to join in with them as we are not going anywhere and are prepared to fight injustice

And guess what we jump in with popular ones and become one of those we fought against

Piss poor City

Shame on you
Not sure what has pissed you off. City are advised that several clubs resent EUFA's control of revenues from the CL and they have 2 options. Tell them we are not interested because we are not your best mates or be pragmatic and reluctantly stand up to EUFA?

SWP's back

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29 Jun 2009
I agree. The clubs will much more likely up and leave themselves. The question is when.
This is where we disagree you see. You and I differ on what we believe will happen in the future and thus when you say “why can’t people see this”, the answer is because we believe different scenarios will play out.

blueish swede

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25 Apr 2010
Admittedly I haven't read every comment on this thread so I would be happy to be corrected. Having read the club's statement it looks to be the breakaway clubs are in conflict with the Champions League/EUFA, nothing else so far as the club's are concerned. An organisation that has been vindictive towards City for a decade and creamed off the majority of the revenues from the CL. City and the others are still looking to play in the PL or their respective national leagues. The threat against us doing that comes from EUFA who want to hang onto their cash cow and the PLteams not involved. This includes several who very recently wanted us docked points/chucked out etc. What's so wrong with City continuing with the PL and an alternative competition to the CL and one that EUFA have no control over?
That's not going to work. Look at the table now: Do Leicester, West Ham, Everton go into the CL, or into the EL, even though they are above the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool? That is not a good product to sell to TV.

Lots of UK clubs have loaned against future TV revevue, so they'll be shitting themselves right now. Revenue is going to fall anyway for the PL because there isn't going to be more TV money overall, it will be redistributed to the SL from the national leagues and the CL. The fortuneless fourteen aren't going to be happy about City getting any of the PL money.

I think we're screwed if UEFA don't blink, both as a club and a sport because it will make UEFA untouchable.

And I think we're screwed if they do. Can you see City being allowed to win this Super League?


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21 Aug 2014
Cant believe some still dont realise this.

We are in bed with people now who tried to destroy us. It was not UEFA, it was Kroenke, Glazer etc. They just used UEFA for it.

These same people will regulate City to death in the new plastic league which will make basically City irrelevant on the global stage.
Cefin seems ok to me, he seems to like us, in fact help us, he did not want us banned, what have we done, stabbed him in the back, with knives supplied by our bitterest rivals who wanted us destroyed.

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