Things you might have missed?


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16 Jul 2007
I haven’t seen it since but Zinchenko was like a man possessed before he came on. Both by the corner flag and in the dugout, bellowing instructions to players and motivating them. No surprise he took that mindset into the pitch at half time. He wanted it bad.

Skip Donoghue

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20 Jun 2009
You all missed me outside the ground with 10 minutes to kick off.
I had a spare in my pocket as my lad couldn’t go and I was damned if I was going to give it to any of the touts.
Saw 4 lads later who had been charged 200 quid a piece at quarter to 4.

I’m a great believer in karma: Saw this lad outside gate V where I was going in. “Have you got a ticket mate?” He said “no and it isn’t looking likely”

The look on his face when I said “you are - in right now, and face value” - absolutely priceless.

So Ted from Sandbach if you are reading this - well done mate you just witnessed history and don’t forget to pay it forward!

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