Too many vehicles on uk roads

I need to start coming over to Leeds. Was thinking of driving to a station. Are there any you can suggest?
Depends on what direction you come from. West side of Leeds best. Kirkstall forge is a good bet. Also Apperley Bridge. Further out Crossflats, Bingley, Shipley all decent with medium sized car parks. Note some stations omitted outside rush hour. Check timetables.
PS I no longer visit Leeds due to ill health, so these are Mrs KS recs.
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Should encourage more people to use some form of two wheels, especially if you have no kids and just use a car to commute a few mile away. Trouble is the roads are full of holes and wankers who don't check their mirrors.
If there was a frequent,fast, safe and cheap reliable public transport system the majority would use it.
As it is you wait ages, often in the cold and rain, for a bus that is often very late, if it turns up at all. They run one an hour at weekends and after 6pm on a weekday, the last one being 22.52. Useless.
Kids chauffeured to school and back...record levels of childhood obesity...wonder if there is a link?

Ha ha yes. I had to walk from Benchill to Newall Green upper school when I was a kid it must have been a 3 to 4 mile round trip in all weathers.
i usually travel to and from work well out of the rush hour (3:45am, 3:30pm) however i was on jury service not so long ago in town, every morning i walked to the train station about a 10/15 min walk got on the train think it was approx £7 return open day ticket, tremendous, on time every morning, not too over crowded, took approx 25mins and very stress free, well done the trains ,its the future
19 year old daughter passed her test yesterday , she had her picture took outside the house with her pass certificate with her instructor when the next next door neighbour came out , she didn’t congratulate her but asked her if she was getting a car and where would she be parking it!!!

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