Too many vehicles on uk roads

Bring back horse and carts, canal boats and hot air balloons. The worlds gone mad.
Its the public that put me off going on the public transport

You can get lumbered with some **** who wants to talk to you
That's a rarity these days.
Most people are on their mobile phones.
It can be quite entertaining listening in on other peoples' conversations.
What do you mean?


I can't see any difference.

Kids chauffeured to school and back...record levels of childhood obesity...wonder if there is a link?
Car manufacturers must of loved the media's push of "there's a paedophile on every street corner" back in the 90s.
2 car families sprung up quicker than Pepè Le Pew's ... er tail.
Surely they had nothing to do with the pushing of that campaign, did they?
Another problem with modern motor vehicles. They make drivers feel invincible which actually makes them more dangerous for everyone else outside of the vehicle.


A big drop in the late 2000s, but then if you ignore the covid drop, it was probably a slight trend upwards for the next ten years. In reality, it probably remained pretty stable when you take into account increases in population. But basically there's no progress, despite cars getting better safety features. I wonder how much of that is because of people buying bigger, heavier cars. I assume that's an issue, but I'm not sure.

It used to be that every year, the top selling car in the UK would be something like a Fiesta or Corsa. Now look how many of the top 10 are SUVs.

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