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Heisenberg's Blue Sky

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14 Jan 2014
Watching Josh's stream with 85k others online
How many eps have you done? We've only done 1, the missus said it was "weird" so haven't done any more.
Done 3 so far. 4th ep tonight. It is werid but its got a really great creepy vibe. It's a slow burner but have been assured that ep4 picks up the pace a bit. I can see why wouldn't be to everyones taste though.


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21 Aug 2014
Yeah I've watched the first 3 of Servant and I like the eerie ambience to it. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

I caught a recent Modern Family yesterday. Haven't seen an episode for years. I used to enjoy it but I had to turn it off after 5 minutes. The acting was awful.

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