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14 Jun 2010
I think it is finally sinking in
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Gingers Dad

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8 Mar 2011
Shame we battered the Dippers and only took a point, they've now got momentum and gone and done that to the rags.

Just know in 2 weeks time Pep will faff about and the Rags will set up properly and nick something as usual. Never see Pep doing a Mancini to the Rags.

No chance in Hell the rags defend like that in 2 weeks.
Klopp will burn the Dippers out, sometime just after Christmas it will hit


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15 Jul 2008
In the cricket club at Burnley away
Won a league title 5 months before as well, this current version of the rags have not won the league since 2013. If the dippers had dicked us 5 nil at the Etihad maybe it would be a seismic event, unfortunately they can’t and we should have wiped the floor with them at Anfield.
It was a great result for Liverpool but like you and others say it’s been coming for ages. For years - including much of Ferguson’s last few seasons there - United have turned in consistently shite performances but have got an unreal number of results from them. Sure, even the very best teams get a result despite playing poorly every now and then but United have turned it into an art form.
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Blue Mist

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14 Aug 2005
If you've got nothing to do, don't do it here.
Funny old world.
If a young woman isn't the prettiest, she's often looked down upon by the same people who sneer at her for trying to make as much of herself as possible.

Come on lads, any woman's appearance - regardless of who her father is - should have fuck all to with the United thread.
Totally agree and it is the same lads, with the beer belly and double chin who type 'I would', yeh right like they'd get the chance.

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