Var debate 2019/20


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27 Jul 2012
The panel are saying it’s a pen because of the contact :/

regardless. All I’m saying - is previous seasons dive or not refs could just give a penalty when they felt like it- it’s harder to do for them nowadays. I’m not arguing the point Liverpool still have cheating diving wankstains at the club, but least if they go down without contact it’s a lot harder to give the decision.
That's the problem with it, they now use the whole 'if there's contact' thing they a penalty is awarded and VAR is used to justify this decision, as in this case, but anybody who had seen it can see quite easily that it's a dive and yet it was still awarded. I can't remember if the ref gave it and we were still at the stage where VAR wasn't overturning the onfield referee or if VAR told the referee to give it. Either way it was a dive and just like last year Liverpool cheated and were given 2 points that they didn't earn. There was another one earlier in the season that was very similar where they got a penalty from a clear dive but again, I think that was when VAR wouldn't overturn the refs decision, possibly against Chelsea as I know they had poinysbtaken off them and given to Liverpool but I can't remember the exact circumstances now. To be fair Mane also dived against Villa and got a card for his troubles, that was the referee though and not VAR. I'd also class the disallowed goal against Palace as a dive even though it didn't lead to a penalty, it was more of a defensive dive which is a new one on me!
A lot of the problem I have with the use of VAR is the way it is being used to justify Liverpool's penalties, free kicks and non goal awards by the use of the whole 'well there's contact' nonsense and yet we've had players hacked down in the box and have got nothing from it. This is what makes the whole thing seem bent, VAR was supposed to even these things out but it isn't doing this at all. Rodri gets thrown to the ground by his neck and the head of VAR comes out and says no penalty as it was a dive! Yet Mane goes down and, you guessed it, 'well there's contact so he's entitled to go down!'. This is what VAR should be used for but it isn't, it's being used selectively and secretively.
What is the difference between the Bernado penalty against Utd and the Calvert-Lewin penalty against Liverpool? Absolutely nothing and yet one was given and one wasn't. Why is a Palace goal not given because a player goes down after a bit of 'confact' but in the same game Van Dyke can run through the back of a defender to barge him off the ball and then score? That's the problem with it, there's no consistency and at this point the inconsistency is only falling in favour of one team yet we were told that VAR would remove the errors referees were making.
PGMOL don't help themselves when they make statements after our games to try and justify the decisions VAR has given against us, "Rodri dived against Spurs'," it's not a penalty because Alexander-Arnold's arm is in a natural position and he didn't have time to react", etc. This after the fact bullshittery doesn't help the entire process seem fair and equal for all teams.
The way our game against Liverpool was referee'd and the none use of VAR was an absolute disgrace to the game in this country, but to then come out and make statements about how all the decisions were correct and all were VAR checked was an insult to the intelligence of football fans. If they had come out and said that there was an issue with VAR and it wasn't in use during that game then I'd have been fine with that but to be told that everything was checked and everything was above board was just insult to injury.
You said yourself that marginal offsides can be manipulated and I honestly believe that if VAR was in use that game then they were definitely manipulated to give Liverpool a 2 goal lead, otherwise why has no-one seen the official VAR replay?


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27 May 2014
I think all the refs have been told exactly how the law should be interpreted.
Exactly this.
All var and ref related people at PL level are there because they are yes men to the whole process.
Things that are obviously wrong even to an unbiased observer are condoned by the var process. Shame has nothing to do with it in the same way that fairness and right and wrong are ignored.
The systematic double standards are part of the process that makes football's officials feel as though they are above any legal never mind moral judgement.
Our owners are now waiting to see if uefa have the super hubris to test their systems findings legally.


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4 Aug 2018
Teams being fucked over by VAR ;-
Man City - owners from Abu Dhabi
Wolves - owners from China
Sheff Utd - owners from Saudi Arabia
Aston Villa - Egyptian owner

Teams gaining from VAR ;-
Man Utd - American owners
Liverpool - American owners
Spurs - UK owners
It's as though VAR is being implemented by the creators of Rocky llll.........


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26 Apr 2010
Can't see assaults either
That non-decision was amazing.. How could the referee/VAR not give a red card immediately? Was VAR actually used? It reminded me of Ali Benarbia’s deserved sending off versus Millwall years ago. No different, apart from the outcome. I may be wrong but I make that the 12th time VAR has f**ked us over in all competitions since the start of the season. We haven’t had even one thing that we’ve ‘got away with’ under VAR, unlike other teams I could mention. As someone else here has pointed out, Wolves, Sheffield United, Villa and us have all had the worst of VAR, while Liverpool, Spurs and United just continue to ride a wave of good luck (or should that be ‘corruption’?) Absolutely outrageous again tonight.. mind, as Sebastian Blue has pointed out, some other commentators are starting to notice (though as I’ve said before, I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for the twunts who are screwing up our game to do anything about it!)
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