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    1 Aug 2019
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    I'm making a prediction. People will disbelieve it now but come the end of the season I'll be right and the disbelievers wrong. I'm not talking about those who do not accept VAR per se but about those who think that they will use VAR to screw us over. Ultimately, VAR will be good for City.
  2. Bunchofdickovs


    18 Aug 2019
    you keep repeating the same thing but you do not understand that difference between gaining possession of the ball and gaining control of the ball . The law differentiates between the two .

    Gaining control = The player has now got the ball under their control.

    Gaining Possession = The player has gained or kept possession of the ball for their team .

    The ball hits his arm and therefore falls to Jesus (kept possession following the cross ) . Jesus then scores .

    Goal disallowed because of an unfair advantage from the ball hitting his arm .
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  3. TheRemainsOfTheDave


    16 Mar 2017
    It'll be difficult to prove. You'd need to take into account how important the decision was (late winners vs 5th goal in a 5-0 win etc) plus build in adjustments due to the number of chances a team makes. Then you'll need to factor in when VAR was or wasn't used and whether that was a correct decision in the first place.
  4. Father Paul

    Father Paul

    18 Jun 2015
    No it won't be acceptable to me in its current format. I don't want to see the current farce continue and ruin the season for everyone. While the handball rule is an important aspect it is not the root cause of the problem. VAR is not been operated imo in a manner which is fair and consi
    stent and to reduce the incidence of clear and obvious errors affecting the outcome of games. It failed miserably on Saturday in this regard. Missed correcting an error for the penalty and then struck off a goal which nobody in the universe saw anything wrong with. Sorry but VAR in its current state is not fit for purpose and I don't want to win or lose the league as a result of its bullshit interventions.
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  5. Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

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    It's quite clear to us, PC, and were I the whistling wanker strolling about the lush acres of The Etihad on Saturday I would have had no hesitation at awarding the pen. And were I in the VAR shed at Stockley and had the incident referred to me I would have had less hesitation in confirming the same. I concur with all those re Jesus's goal - he didn't have the ball brush his arm or hand and consequently didn't gain a goal scoring opportunity. It was a nailed on, blatant, stonewall pen and it was a goal that didn't have an infringement nailed on to the goalscorer. If Oliver or Scott were goalkeepers both of those incidents would be described as 'howlers'. These two are experienced referees and referees with that level of experience don't make those 'honest' mistakes. Too many questions remain regarding those two incidents that can't be dismissed by just parroting 'honest mistake'?

    I've just read that Scott didn't make the CFC game yesterday because he got 'caught in traffic'? Interesting or what, and Pep has suggested that refs shouldn't be doing two important games in two days. Can't see where the hard work is in looking at a monitor and making a decision.
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  6. Regardless of whether the handball decision was correct or not I do think there’s something fundamentally wrong with the VAR system. When this all seeing eye can rule a goal out for something nobody in the stadium, players, officials or fans could see, but is unable to do anything about a rugby tackle in the penalty area then something is clearly wrong. The foul on Rodri was as clear and obvious an error as you’re likely to see.
    From what we’ve seen already, and I’ll admit I’m sympathetic to the whole agenda conversation, but this system as I suspected it would be is open to manipulation in terms of how and when it is used.
    We got shafted on Saturday, and we can’t even have a go the referee because he had fuck all to do with it.
    VAR should have been a system that was fair and we could all trust, unfortunately the operators are every bit as questionable as they always have been.
  7. flook


    17 Jan 2009
    but thats irrelevant, see the underlined but, for the goalscoring opportunity to come into play, Laporte would have had to gain control, which he obviously didn't
  8. bobbyowenquiff


    15 Jan 2007
    I admire your optimism but will be amazed if Liverpool or United suffer the sort of decisions we have had. They have been getting suspicious decisions for decades at the expense of other teams, not just City. Remember the "Howard Webb" match between United and Arsenal which has been posted here many times. Look at the Super Cup penalty where the Liverpool keeper clearly came off his line. Chelsea were cheated plain and simple. I hope you are right but let's wait and see.
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    23 May 2004
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    Why is that not a penalty?
  10. daztrueblue91


    4 Jun 2009
    As it currently stands VAR is not perfect and it most definitely has some teething issues.

    The first thing it needs to be a success is for the replays to be shown at the game and the refs need to be microphoned so the fans can hear what they are checking. There is no way a match going fan should have less of an experience than the armchair fan.

    However, something has to give if we want to have more accurate decisions. Losing a game due to a wrongly disallowed goal is also a disaster. Same as the ref refusing to give a blatant penalty like on Saturday.
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