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9 Dec 2005
Weird how we never turned on Dickov when he did exactly the same while playing for Leicester and that we still make fun of Arsenal fans for angrily reacting to Adebayor's celebration. Smacks of bitterness and tribalistic double standards to get pissed off at Milner for celebrating a goal against us when we'd love it if a City player did the same to Liverpool. In fact we've all been begging for Sterling to score against Liverpool for years and when he finally did in the Community Shield we loved the fact that he celebrated.

Feel like this hatred of Milner has only come about because of a constantly repeating echo chamber. It's got to the point - especially on here - where 99% of posters hate him but can't pin down the specifics or a particular reason why. It just seems to be a mixture of "Oh he celebrated a goal against us" or "Oh he said mean things in the press", which are, as I've implied, pretty normal things for footballers to do when they join new clubs. All a bit childish and pathetic when you consider what Milner achieved with us.

It mostly irks me because I always thought Milner was a hugely limited player. For someone who had the skillset of a jack-of-all-trades midfielder, he only seemed capable of playing well in one position. He'd have one good game in five and the rest of the time he'd get by because he gave off the impression that he always put a shift in. Now after he's gone I find myself defending him because the hatred has clearly gone overboard to the point where some fans would angrily air their grievances at a bloody testimonial game.

He signed for five years, played for five years, and left for a new challenge. A new challenge that's seen him add a new trophy to his career haul. The only competition he's not won now that he could have done is the Europa League, and he played in the final of that competition in 2017. I'd hardly have him down as a legend but he came when things were on the up and helped us to two titles and a few cups before departing for something different. We football fans are an oddly precious and hypocritical breed at times.
Many fans did, and Dickov defened himself in the programme in the FA cup replay that season.

He makes money out of city now to this day and fans forget his pathetic actions. Not me, he seems shocked when he gets called out by fans while coining it in off BT.


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18 Aug 2010
Was weird how they didn’t give you line ups before the game and players who should of been playing didn’t play i.e Dzeko and Balotelli. Either way was Vinnys day and glad we could give the legend a send off great turnout too.
Tell me about it. Spent all game slagging off Evra to get home and realise it was Ashley Cole. Didn’t know Giggs was playing either. Pretty sure they announced Vinnies brother as Benjani too


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28 Feb 2007
Taking it one game at a time

Player at new club says his old team is really good but new team is better.

My piss is boiling
Plenty of our supporters don't like how Milner has behaved and express their displeasure.

Whether anyone's piss is boiling is another matter. No one is issuing death threats.

Milner was entitled to run his contract down but why should any City supporter be happy about that or the apparently disingenuous way in which he did it.

He made a number of comments that are seen by our supporters as lacking class.

He was professional when he played for us but he didn't show the love for City that makes supporters really take players to their hearts.

David Silva is going to run his contract down; Sergio Aguero will do so as well. No one will hold it against them and they will always get a royal welcome. Zaba ran his contract down... Vinnie ran his contract down. How they have behaved towards this club and how they will behave is / will be different to Milner and they get treated accordingly.


30 May 2007
Home or work, well mostly home these days.
I think I combined both booing him whilst clapping him off :+)
Quite a few round us did that, I was also partly laughing, because he was blowing out of his arse after about 10 minutes. Carragher positively enjoyed the booing, and was surprisingly good. I thought a couple of the united lot took it a bit too seriously, especially Butt who seemed a miserable twat all game. Van Persie could still do a job in the PL, as could de Jong.

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20 Sep 2006
You're not, you're actually spoiling a thread about something good. F*ck Milner, whatever he said or didn't say, he didn't even get on the pitch and therefore wasn't booed, in fact he's a total irrelevance to last nights game, yet you keep droning about something that didn't happen.
Spoililng a thread? That's a thing is it?

I was asking a question clearly related to the topic. People responded. Some agreed, others didn't. And I had actually finished droning on about the issue if you'd read the thread that I'd been spoiling :-)


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17 Nov 2015
I'm a bit disappointed our prodigal son Alan didn't make an appearance. He would of brought the house down. But maybe our Al might of upstaged Vinny :)


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29 Mar 2011
Where? Couldn't see anything on twitter.
Ah it was his Instagram story so was only up 24 hours and down now. Showed his 2 knees and loads of swelling. He said he would have to get 50ml of fluid drained :/

I hope this isnt something Mendy gets to as he appears to knee problems!

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