Where to see the cups

Anybody know how long they are actually there for? Hoping to take my old man to see them next weekend. He is 93, and (finally accepted) in a wheelchair, so hoping there is access?

He has seen ALL our title wins, and he deserves to get to see them if he can.

was one day only I'm afraid, I'm sure first home game of the season they will be around
If not said already, fan zones b4 many home games could be the place to see them.

Normally free opportunity to have a snap with the trophies.

Other clubs, (Rags) used to charge their own fans the privilege of having a picture taken with something they had won, cunts!
CITC brought the PL trophy to Didsbury Park last summer. Had my picture taken with my son, the trophy and Alex Williams.
Would love it if they put the event on again.
According to Uefa rules the champions league trophy is not allowed to stay in the stadium.

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