World Cup Quarter-Finals Thread.

BigOscar said:
robbieh said:
B\connellblue said:
When the Belgium players get a chance to reflect on todays performance they'll probably think to themselves "Oh my God we never fucking showed up at all"! To a man they didn't leave everything out there and well as he played, as captain Vinny should have drove them forward more not hoofed it Wimbledon style.

It was at times like watching a PL game between 2 not very good sides. In fact my take on the tournament is it has been very exciting but overall very poor quality. i can't name one team that has looked particularly good.

In all previous world cups there have been quality teams. they may not have won, think Brazil 82, France 86, Italy 90 and there also have been great winners too like Spain and France but can anyone hand on heart recommend any of the teams who are still in it.
France, great winners? The way I remember it, they were a dreary side with an incredible defence, who won most of their games with goals from their defenders? I was young though so I could be mistaken

You are right. But they did have lots of quality players. Henry, Viera, Zidane, Petit, Thuram, Desailly, Deschamps. Worthy winners.
Unknown_Genius said:
Come on you Tico's! Can't have Van Gaal winning the World Cup, and then waltzing into United.

I would prefer it if they won tonight, then MDM Zab and Sergio show him who is boss in the semis
Dutch to thrash Costa Rica and British media to annoit him as manure's savior. You heard it here first.
Can't understand some of the comments. Brazil v Chile and last night were amazing fast sklilful games. I have really enjoyed this world cup more than any . Dread to think the soulless functional Germans .might win.

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