Mark Hughes.... Did it seem right??

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by scorer, 19 Aug 2008.

  1. You must be the single most immature poster to grace this forum since FDM...
  2. Weston Blue

    Weston Blue

    18 Feb 2008
    Your really are a self-righteous wanker.
  3. Why...? Because i can see Hughes is a talentless, worthless waste of space and you can't? Hmmmm

    fair point.
  4. What the fuck are you on about... what a fool!

    Back to school soon?
  5. No dickhead, because you insist on posting the same garbage on an hourly basis in different threads in different guises. How about you drink a bottle of Shut The Fuck Up juice and give us all a break.

    You really are a cretinous piece of work. On another thread I read that you wanted us to continue losing - so Hughes would get the sack. On this thread you've just stated you're happy to continue winding up fellow blues.

    Very rarely do I encounter people on here who I would actively avoid at a game. But you are exactly that sort of tosser.

    If the mods had any sense they'd lock this pointless, piece of shit thread...


    1 Sep 2008
    100% behind sir mark.are w on the telly thursday dos anyone know.
  7. svennis pennis

    svennis pennis

    7 Apr 2008
    Scorer. I think you have been on a witch hunt from day one. but you are right. I agree with you. I was never convinced by the appointment but was willing to see him get his chance. For me his chance is over. Beating West Brom in a relegation six pointer is what Sunday has come down to. It never should of got this far.

    I am not convinced Hughes has the man management power to pull this lot around. There expectations on signing was the 'project.' I doubt in that manifesto it read.

    Target one: Do not get relegated. All aboard lads?? No? Thought not.

    Thats the specification now. Do not get fucking relegated!!!

    As that has now become the brief I want Hughes out. He has no right to spend the money we have in January just so he can save his own neck. 20 million on Santa Cruz or 10 million to sack Hughes. I know which is the better deal and of longer benefit to MCFC.
  8. Weston Blue

    Weston Blue

    18 Feb 2008
    I am talking about the following.

    1) Your constant sniping against Hughes. You are entitled to your opinion, but my point is we have heard it, noted it and either agree or disagree. We do not need you to point out that you started whining about Hughes in August.

    2) Your banal comments about only posting in order to wind people up and that my post was bland. What did you want passion around the same point your have made loads of time before.

    You don't like Hughes. Fine but we do not need you to say this again and again.

    Finally I must thank you from the heart of my bottom for yor comments about school. You haver made an old man happy that i could have possible been mistaken for someone of a youthful disposition.
  9. barney8


    4 Sep 2008
    So you have not noticed that we have bought players for £80 million?
  10. Hahahahahaha! Another clown jumps on the bandwagon.

    If Hughes is still in charge on Jan 1st 2009, he'll still be in charge Jan 1st 2010.

    Oh, and Frank Rijkaard had a similar start to his Barca career...moronic Barca fans calling for his head in Dec of his first season in charge.

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