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    Tevez: "I am a City fan. When United play City, I root for City"

    My favorite blue Unfortunate how it ended Played his guts out mostly
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    Player Topic: David Silva (2015/16)

    Like to see him shoot a bit With KDB scoring and if Silva could get a few it may help. Only scored 6 last match
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    Player Topic: Kevin De Bruyne (2015/16)

    So Brennen called him the ginger Pele? Hadn't heard that one yet... The search continues
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    We are not mentally weak

    Mentally Weak? Good I hope they keep writing that And I hope the team reads it and gets angry Curious to see that team playing pissed off Maybe that's what we're missing Love the team But questioning their toughness is completely appropriate imho I hate it when they lose Hate it when...
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    Post Match Thread: City v Juventus

    So a day to calm down after a disappointing loss. Juve were disciplined in midfield and contested everything we had going forward. Still we had chances and didn't finish. Their goals.... Perfect service for one Perfect finish on the other. All in all I feel it boils down to intensity.When we...
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    Match Thread | Manchester City vs Juventus (15/09/15)

    Thank you The sky is not falling CL is supposed to be difficult
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    Match Thread | Manchester City vs Juventus (15/09/15)

    Hard to stop that have to keep pressure on Pogba Make the pass more difficult
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    Match Thread | Manchester City vs Juventus (15/09/15)

    Dinho is the boss end to end
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    Post Match Thread - City vs Palace

    He wasn't very good today And he's one of my favorites
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    Players getting clobbered

    That about covers it
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    Post Match Thread - City vs Palace

    3 very well earned points Tough match today Kicked on all day Hope Kun is ok Thanks for the effort Navas but I think your starting days are few and far between from here Here's to Tuesday!!
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    Ex players you'd love to see back at City

    Tevez Work rate...never injured Tevez and Aguero.... Wished they had more time together NDJ
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    Yank fans can you help me please

    camerons at half moon bay off of the PCH GREAT PUB but footy at 7 am may be a tough ask Great thing about NBC every game is televised Confirm the channel with your hotel Go out the night before Roll over and watch them BLUES
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