10 | Jack Grealish - 2023/24

By that logic most would have been banned here for the hateful posts targeted at Raz and Mahrez. It's a public forum and everyone should be allowed to share their opinion.
The ones that only spouted hate should have been imho, especially when it wasn’t about them being footballers.

For clarification, I don’t mean posters frustrated that players don’t do what they want, I mean the ones that are genuinely hateful.
Listen if w
He literally scored us the winning goal against Luton when he was on a good run before his break-in.

He’s just a better all-round player than Doku, simple as. Clear though that quite a large number who post in this thread would be happy to see him sold on in the summer, and talk like the red top rags when they bang on about his price tag (sorry, release clause).
Listen I disagree that he is '" better all round player than Doku" but if we all agreed on here BM would be 2 pages long tops.

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