10 | Jack Grealish - 2023/24

Pep did it to Kalvin and he crushed under pressure, a strong personality is the difference between the true professionals and the pretenders. Jack has to take this on the chin and bounce back up.
Personally I will do this when the player is truly fit. I don't want to see another player rushed back from injury. Think about Kev and Stones. Too many cases this season. Halaand played with his injury as well before the winter break.
We miss good Grealish so badly this season. He just suits our structure with ball so well, keeps possesion, so underrated. Its no coincidence Jack been playing our best games last year as a starter. And i would love if he adds numbers to his game, would be absolutely great player.
Groin injuries can be a bugger - such a shame he clearly knows it will be probably 3 weeks off again.

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