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28 Feb 2007
Taking it one game at a time
New Idea !
Just a thought to pick two albums by any band to compare and contrast.
Ideally they will have the same number of tracks but if not take out the weakest track of one to even the numbers up.
Compare the tracks in running order.

Close to the Edge v Relayer.
A nice one to start as only three tracks each.

Gates of Delirium is probably in my Top Five ever Yes tracks. Mainly in three parts and showcases every aspect of Yes including the unbelievable “Battle” or Mid section. Squire, Howe and Anderson on top form and the closing “Soon” is a perfect ending.

Close to the Edge
For many a Yes fan the best album. I really like the title track but for me it lacks the musical prowess of GOD despite the presence of Wakeman.

Again an absurdly brilliant show of skill but it’s a bit too jazzy at times and angular.

And You and I
Beautiful song and a Top Ten Yes track for me. Evens the score up.

To be Over.
Possibly the weak link on Relayer. It balances up the album with its more refined and calm structure but rarely played live.

Siberian Khatru.
In contrast a very popular live track and part of the Yes staple diet for years. Great licks from Howe make this the winning goal

Close to the Edge 2 Relayer 1.
However does the sheer might of Gates of Delirium make it a more favoured album ?
Close to the Edge, all day, every day.


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15 Apr 2010
Perfect for Valentines night.
Prime Priest.
So, so many classics on here; Heading Out to the Highway, Victim of Changes, Breaking the law, and the Green Manalishi which walks all over the Fleetwood Mac original.


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7 Jun 2012
Glad this thread has popped up ,I’ve been meaning to update it. Start with this that I was directed to, from album released a couple of years ago, by Pinnacle Point.
Sounds very much like classic Kansas, maybe close enough for it to be a criticism and a negative. On the other hand if you can’t get enough classic Kansas sound it’s well worth a listen.

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