Do you give a toss about England?

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Chippy_boy, 1 Oct 2016.

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    The trouble with the England set up is for years we have been saying get rid of these under achieving players who think they are all world class players due to the media building them up and these players actually were believing all this shit, so now we choose to pick the younger players with not much experience of playing on this stage and instead of giving them time to bond and get the experience we now slag off the England team and that includes me on many occasions. So has the premier league overtaken the international team in terms of this is all the fans want to watch and we no longer give a fuck about England no matter who they play or who is the manager. Is it mostly southerners who follow England with them playing in the capital or would it be better for the national team to play around the country to increase the support of these younger players before we destroy there confidence by playing for England.
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    The Guardiola Circle Jerk
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    Team Pep
    Did you win?
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    City & Celtic the same about Scotland tbh.
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    1) Since the Euro's ? ... Weve been a bit underwhelming, but not too bad. Good win away to Slovakia, probably toughest game in our group. Malta and Slovenia ok. As someone mentioned on here earlier and made the excellent point - the whole qualifying structure makes it less entertaining. Let's face it, if we won 5-0 yesterday - would everyone be raving about it ? .. I say not. Would be totally forgotten. It's unfortunate these games fall between the league season and even watching others country's games, entertainment wise it's the same. We should be playing a bit better though, lacking a real creative player in this squad - if we were blessed with a Payet or a Silva would make such a difference.
    2) Southgate would certainly not be my pick - nothing against the guy. I was over moon with Big Sam to be honest, seeing what he achieved with such a poor squad at West Ham and seeing how it gets the best out of average players I really felt we would have gone far with him. But hey. He's own downfall. Southgate seems a nice enough guy, and I do personally want a England manager to be English. Unfortunately there's not many candidates at the moment.
    3) pretty much answered in question 1. But ultimately football shouldn't be watched whether it's entertaining or not. Would you stop going Man City if they wasn't entertaining enough ? Nope. You would stick by them and support them. We all want our team to play like Barcelona and win every game, but that's just not realistic (OK, man city are pretty close!) but a manager can only play with the hands his dealt with. England are not playing blistering football, hopefully by stage of World Cup - young players like Dier, Ali, Rashford etc will be more experienced and produce more.
    4) obviously not. We all want our teams whether your fan of any country to win a major tournament. Of corse it's what we strive to do. But like the FA cup. You can't guarentee it. Ultimately it's a knock out - you could have the best manager, squad, players, tactics and lose to a minnow. It's the beauty of football! We see it in every cup competition. One dodgy decision or mistake can cost any team. Spain last World Cup - didn't even qualify from there group. Spain with all there talent! .. Portugal won the Euro's playing dreadful stuff and only winning a couple of games. Yes there's stand out teams in the world like Germany, Brazil, Italy etc who are there or thereabouts. But ultimately anyone can still win a cup competition - what's annoying is that the longer we don't win, the frustration boils over and it's now got to the point, especially with the dawn of social media that the England manager can just not win. If Guardiola was Manager he would get the same level of stick - whenever the squad is announced there's uproar, it's a FA agenda if any manager picks Man United players only on here, West Ham fans think Noble should be playing (not me) Spurs fans all have there different ideas. It's a whole cluster of angry fans demanding there way only.
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    stunned, dazed and still can't quite believe it!!
    If not why do you keep defending what's going on right in front of your eyes? This is all we've done since 1990, i discount '96 slightly as we were the home nation and they nearly always do well. As for the FA agenda, you do realise how many Rag players have been called up only to be discarded instantly they leave the rags?
    Neville, Richardson, Wellbeck, Zaha, Cleverly, Foster, Janujaz was even linked with England for a while when at them ffs.....

    I have some sympathy for whoever is in charge as i feel their hands are tied somewhat by the FA, however if Southgate is going to give Jessie fucking Lingard more minutes than his club manager i'm sorry but he's going to cop for some flack, the team look devoid of ideas and the players chosen don't seem to know what it is they're supposed to do.

    Mark, i haven't edited that too clearly and you'll have to expand your post for my replies.
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    I don't really give much of a toss about ingerland especially when it's full of no-mark rags as last night

    I switched over from the Sly comedy golf programme, which was funny but it wasn't supposed to be, just in time to see wooney coming on as sub.

    The first thing he did was to jog over to Henderson and take the captains armband off him and stick it on his own arm

    What a plonker - or worse, that man is

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    Per Ardua

    Yep his number one concern was HIS armband.....twat
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    I do, but unfortunately we're crap. We keep having high expectations when we go into tournaments, we have what we think are highly talented players but in reality most are overrated anyway.

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