FA Cup Final | Ticket Criteria

Official Club Coach Travel

Official Club coach travel will be available to purchase. A return journey will be available priced at £50 per adult, £40 for juniors.

As there is a concert taking place at the Etihad Stadium on the same day as the final, we are unable to offer coach travel directly from the stadium. Instead, there will be two alternative locations for coach departures:

East Didsbury Metrolink Park & Ride
Radcliffe Metrolink Park & Ride.
This means fans will be able to choose the location which suits them best when purchasing coach travel,
It's just going to be chaos! No ifs, not buts, just chaos.

Lack of trains, accessibility issues with coaches, hassle of driving and parking, the potential for trouble, the game being in half term leading to holiday clashes, and a booking system that hinders the non tech savvy! Without any shadow of doubt, there are people who think they want to go now, but by the time those sales windows open, and people are thousands down in the queue, facing 3 figure ticket prices, then the cost and hassle algorithm will kick into fans thought process, with many just saying 'feck it'!

I cannot recall City ever attempting to sell so many tickets in such a short sales window and fully expext the IT systems to explode. Anyone who is seriously contemplating phone or going to the ground, then God help you. The current disconnect between our club and fans regarding ticket sales is absolutely staggering and as a business we are becoming more akin to a utility company every day, with absolutely no chance to speak or see another human!
You make some valid points but regarding speed of sales, it's not excessive IMO apart from perhaps that last one when it drops from 4000 points to any season ticket holder. It only drops by 3 windows each day and while there will no doubt be queues to get into the website at certain points, it won't be as bad as it was the other week when Real Madrid tickets went on sale to Cityzens.
^ replied and said thanks, but yeah after a frantic 2am teary phone call to my sister she's agreed to be "ill" and miss work to book it for me.

Just in shock at the short notice of sale date, and so many criteria being on day one. It feels like the life shit is never ending for me and i can't catch a break... but if i can get to the final with my little boy in my mums seat and she can still be here to watch it from her hosp bed in her front room on oxygen, i will breathe and allow myself a small smile.
(And big tears of relief when we beat the scum)
You shouldn't be in shock with anything to do with our ticket office and management. It's been like this for decades now. CTID

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