Is the football bubble finally about to burst?

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Bill the Blue, 11 Apr 2020.

  1. KentBlue


    16 May 2009
    Near that bloke who lives near me.
    I think for many us, falling out of love for the game has been a long and slow process: but in all sincerity we should have seen it coming. Like others on here I too am a bit long in the tooth - 63!
    I have fond memories of how the game was all those years ago, it was for the working classes in those days. Grafting all week then off to the football on a Saturday afternoon...bliss. But when the money started rolling in, around the mid-80's, probably, it changed. The rags were buying anyone and everything and nobody else had a chance to compete. Refs, linesmen etc, all going out of their way to ensure the pisscan got his way. It wasn't football anymore, it was one extremely rich club lording it up over us others. And with that nasty jock bastard in charge, coupled with a fawning media and thousands of plastic Asian supporters everywhere in their club shirts, my dislike turned to sheer hatred for the club - but mostly hatred for that fucking poisonous Glaswegian and his odious hangers-on.

    But the time I really thought of giving it up was taking my son to Elland Road (I think we lost 3-2) and the sheer hostility we encountered from their supporters, and the threat of violence hanging in the air put me off ever going to a game again.

    It might be an age thing, I really don't know. But I've had a burning resentment towards what has happened to the game I've loved all my life because it is not the game that I grew up with.
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  2. Ban-jani


    7 Dec 2013

    It needs to collapse and start again.

    The authorities and media need binning and the grip certain clubs have in proceedings.

    Football is a wonderful game of 22 men and a referee, kicking a ball, between two goal posts and people enjoying watching it, everything else involved is expendable.
  3. ballinio


    22 Apr 2006
    Great post, feel the same , the arse licking media , the cheating & VAR have destroyed the game.


  4. Bill the Blue

    Bill the Blue

    28 Jul 2013
    Here and There, mostly Here..
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    The only football team to come from Manchester!
    Cheers Bill..!

    I appreciate you telling us how you feel and I'm sorry to hear you're at the end of the line..

    However, I'm of the opinion that you will not be alone in deciding to call it a day..

    Like you say, it's not just about the current situation, it's about the manipulation, FFP, VAR, UEFA's ongoing witch hunt against us and the way it's packaged up in general for fans' consumption that has tipped it over the egde for me..

    The coronavirus situation has enabled people to take stock and evaluate what's important and what's not..

    Football and the PL in general has been exposed..!

    Quickly, on another issue, you made me smile when you posted your haircut picture that your wife gave you the other day ..

    Nothing wrong with your haircut btw Bill, your wife did a great job..

    My turn this afternoon as my Mrs is going to cut mine..
    I allowed her to cut it once before, years ago and I was a laughing stock for about 3 weeks..

    She's got the same look in her eye this time round too ffs!!

    Luckily I don't know how to post pictures on here..!

    Is it too warm to wear a hat for 3 weeks solid 24/7?
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  5. dickie davies

    dickie davies

    25 Sep 2010
    Fuck VAR
    It's been like that Mitchell and Webb sketch for a few years now (football football football) and this break has brought home how much we've been saturated with the game. Added to that I think people have woken up to the gravy train which has totally disillusioned an awful lot

  6. BigJoe#1


    28 Jan 2012
    I agree, there will never ever be such a moment ever again and sadly, that has reduced my appetite for football. It will just never be repeated.

    The Corona Virus episode will in my opinion (and has in my case) reduced interest further.

    Football if it's to survive needs to take a good long guard look at itself.

    It could start with Sky going back to reducing their cost to watch the games, I realise this will reduce sponsorship money which in turn will mean players might have to start struggling by living on 50k a week.... my heart bleeds.
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  7. Franknorgrovesnephew


    5 Nov 2016
    Football in my opinion has been going down hill these past few year's sadly
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  8. Blueknows


    2 Jul 2008
    Standing alone
    hope it is as I like many others have had it with football , I will still have a place in my heart for city but my days of attending games are over
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  9. give it to gordon

    give it to gordon

    3 Nov 2013
    Proud Manc in Kent
    Team supported:
    Manchester City
    Just sitting in the back garden watching the Aguero moment again and again. Knowing that with VAR it will never happen again. The joy of scoring a late winner has gone like Sterling against spurs this season. That unbridled moment of shear joy has been taken away from what made football so great.

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