Itchy and scratchy


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6 Jan 2009
Round our house
Typical male.. yes I prob should have been to a docs a while ago...
since the summer.. I thought initially I had one hot curry too many on the holidays.. but I am itchy around the private’s and bottom at night (have been a bit of a night time butt scratcher for years, but aren’t all men?)
Anyway I’ve tried all chemist creams,lotions, exema etc, sudocrem, tea tree oil. But I’m at my wits end! Gets itchy at night, a slight burning feel like I must scratch tiny spots but it ends up with red, slightly broken scratch marks all around by not including the private’s.
has anyone had this and any ideas on how to clear it? It’s not like i don’t shower daily. Never had any health problems either. not looking for jokes, just wonder if anyone here has any advice.. been through it
Sounds like you have a sweat rash mate thats all ,it gets worse at night as your nether regions get warmer, go buy some canesten cream mate will work a treat


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18 Aug 2009
Somewhere in Little Britain.
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You are Banned!... Reason - "rag".
Christ! Deep heat?? Lol
I actually did try little bit of vicks one night as my wife heard/seen it could help. It did at the time but I know I did still scratch during the night
Fuckin' Vicks?: /

Suppose it will make those crabs breathe more easily before the sugar rots their teeth; )


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27 Mar 2009
I was in Venus one night and it was roasting... My mates girlfriend came off the dance floor absolutely drenched in sweat and came and sat on my knee.
They'd not been together long and she'd told him when they met that she had anal warts that she was getting treated for and he'd then told me.
I couldn't help but think of the anal wart juice that was soaking into my jeans as she was sat there.

Anyway.... anal warts was my first thought on reading this.
Hmmmm, anal warts you say, is there really such a thing?

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