Kalidou Koulibaly


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30 Jun 2019
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Manchester City
Clearly city are still a bit annoyed with Napoli and this relatively protracted transfer reflects that.
Are we? Does it? Is there even a transfer there to speak of, let alone be protracted?

It is all complete speculation, the interest never mind any approach, which to date hasn't happened.

We played as much of a part in that summer's 'mess' and how it turned out, however the player played the biggest part. That isn't me criticising Tixi, it is just a comment on what happened.

I personally would have no issue with the club decided not to do business with Napoli, i just don't think it is true nor can anyone claim it with such certainty, based on very third hand interpretation of fourth hand rumours.

All part of a waiting game of bluff and bluster, it won't happen till the last minute, if it does at all.


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14 Jan 2012
If the stats about his defending on Sly are true I'm not that impressed. Short video clips of a few tackles doesn't prove that he's the answer to our problems. Looks a bit clumsy and has a penalty in him by the looks of him.
He's given away two penalties in 183 Serie A appearances. Van Dijk has given away three penalties in 157 Premier League appearances. Doesn't sound like it's an issue.


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6 Jul 2017
Aké is a better defender than Mendy, but most likely he wouldn’t offer what Mendy offers going forward, crossing ability etc.
But playing our strongest and most reliable defenders, that line-up would stop most teams.
No disrespect to Mendy but in games vs. stout competition I'll trade what Mendy gives up defensively for whatever deficits Ake has moving forward.

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