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20 Mar 2014
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Big TV money has ruined everything, i'm not naive, i know why, but still.
been said before but it's absolutely wrong that a clubs last home game is on a monday night. Still pisses me off.
it should be a great weekend afternoon for all young and old alike.
The FA should be put under fire and something has to be put in place so this doesn't happen again.
In mid-season, ya ok, but not the last home game celebration and send-off.
Totally agree with you, do like I and many others are doing and cancel your sky sports subscription, hit them where it hurts in there pocket because they won't change.


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30 Jan 2015
Just had a look at Leicester fans forum, theyre feeling confident of getting a result and calling city fans cocky. Need to put 5 or 6 past them and bring their fans back to reality.
They can take that Mahrez back with them.


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29 Sep 2014
I am done hearing about how cheating, diving, bad ref decisions at penalties & offsides, gifts of goals from goalkeeper fumbles, and opposition players missing sitters will give L'pool the title. I am done hearing about "it's their year." City have better players who score more goals and concede fewer than either Leicester or Brighton. They will win comfortably on Monday and when it comes to having to win on the last day there will be no repeat of the dreadful spell against QPR, this City team is better than the one that won that day. So fuck l'pool, anfield, rawk, the kop, klopp, martin tyler, the scouse=loving media especially the daily mail, sod off doubters and moaners on here, City are going to be champions they believe it and they deserve it, the best team in the land (and all the world.)
Absolutely spot on.
It ain't over till the fat lady sings but she will be singing at the seaside.
There is much to believe in.
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