Love City, hate football

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by give it to gordon, 5 Feb 2020.

  1. Blue tube

    Blue tube

    24 Apr 2017
    Fuck manning up we need to fight, not the club, us
  2. basokla


    28 Mar 2013
    Southbound 35
    One final thought...

    First time I heard Liam sing this:

    “It was easier to have fun back when we had nothin'...”

    I wondered. Probably not, but it sure was suspicious timing.
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  3. citymad


    22 May 2004
    City park
    oh happy days !


  4. eversince 76

    eversince 76

    16 May 2013
    It could’ve been me saying this. And you can still add players diving and cheating or no standing up areas etcetera.

    I live in the Netherlands and support City ever since 1976.
    I already decided not to attend home games to avoid sitting near plastic fans. Not saying that these are always foreign, but they simply visit for complete other readons than I do.
    I also stopped attending CL-games. No money of mine going to that cheating institute. I also can’t get any love for the competition.

    I will visit the LC final in a few weeks time as well as the FA cup game at Hillsboro. In between I will travel through the UK. Tbh I rather look foreward to the travelling.

    And I gather it’s a test. As the last visit at Newcastle I felt the atmosphere even with our fans was lame. With the moaning completely out of order as our team plays fantastic for over 10 years and especially under Pep.

    It’s a journey on me own. Like the old days. Meeting up with friends. No one accompany me. I hope I can enjoy it as I used to do no too long ago. If not I will say goodbye to the game of football. Or take a serious brake away. Not to my friends that hang around for years. Not from England as I love that fecked up island. Not for City. My love forever.
  5. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    We don't always enjoy every moment but after 4 decades and more we can say that we've always been true and remain true. City is in your blood. You're not going anywhere.
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  6. Breadsnapper


    2 Jul 2009
    In front of my computer.
    I'll start by saying I'm not a football fan I am a Manchester City fan and for that I will continue to go to every match I can till my last days. I miss the Kippax, the atmosphere everything about the place, but time marches on. Now we have a sterile game, incompetent referees, incompetent governing bodies, VAR etc.
    Now the sad part for me is that the club I love is becoming or has become everything I hated about other clubs and football, corporate, uncaring, dismissive. I used to feel connected with City not anymore I'm just a bloke who shells out for a season ticket turns up watches a match and leaves.
    I can't not go, it is in my DNA but it's not enjoyable. It has nothing to do with how the league is going this year, it has nothing to do with what other clubs are doing but it has everything to do with how my own and your club treats us. Simply in my opinion we've lost our soul.
    The dark gallows humour of Maine Road has all but gone replaced by the new fans who want everything now, don't appreciate what they have and don't invest like a lot of us have over the years.


    18 Oct 2008
    I still love the game and attending games. However, there are a few negative things that have dampened that love for going since we've become a successful club.

    The biggest one is how we've attracted more support. Support from all over the globe and support that has a few extra quid in their pockets, which for me has had a huge effect on atmosphere at away games in particular.

    Success has also brought a spotlight on our club. Every moron with a mouth has an opinion on our club. When we were shit nobody gave a toss but those that actually support the club and I miss that.

    Being successful has made supporting City very expensive and at times very difficult to do due to television wanting us on their screens for all the support from all over the globe I've mentioned. A cup final coming up on a Sunday for example at 4:30 doesn't benefit those that are bothered enough to attend the game. You'll have kids going to the game and not getting home until around 11pm and that'll put a lot of local support off going but nobody cares about that as long as a global audience have the opportunity to tune in.

    Referees have always been absolutely awful and have ruined game after game, usually in favour of more globally popular clubs. VAR has so far only increased the frequency of the blatent favouritism. Its also dampened the whole live football experience with its bollocks offside and goal scoring scrutiny to the point that supporters are no longer even celebrating the main thing we all go to see, goals.

    However, I'm still looking forward to going tomorrow. A few pints in town pre match with my wife and then off to watch some quality players hopefully take the chances that we'll no doubt create. So when you strip it all back to just the football, it's still enjoyable for me.
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  8. homerdog


    28 Dec 2008
    Nobody agrees with you. Nothing new there!
  9. Stevieatlasblue


    12 Jul 2015
    Not being able to bring your own food and drink into the ground and not being able to have a pint in the ground. Not being able to sit or stand where I like. How dare they. I want to safe stand with all my mates whenever I like. How dare they try to control me. Forcing me to listen to the drab and very loud pre match entertainment and that stupid ott stadium announcer. .jeez I miss the kippax and Maine road
  10. Ban-jani


    7 Dec 2013
    I hate everything about football.

    The commentators, pundits, football fans, players, how there’s so much of it, VAR, referees and more.

    I just don’t like the game anymore and City’s recent success has probably kept me interested.

    Give me cricket over football every single day.
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