Man City TV Launched


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4 Jun 2009
Put you firestick in the telly,on your phone/computer go to amazon and go into their app store,go into sports and you'll see it there,purchase charge and it will come through on your firestick,if it doesn't take it out then put it back in,it's there in seconds,it will give you a pairing code,go to and follow the instructions at the end it will ask you for the code put it in and you are done
Thanks for these instructions, really helpful. My firestick arrived a few minutes ago & already up a running, no problems whatsoever. Thanks


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22 Dec 2005
Stockport (of course)
Had my email back confirming cancellation and the usual apologies.

I had it on firestick but the email did mention that they have resubmitted a working app to LG for their approval so for those with LG maybe its going to get sorted for you?
Again, why not fucking release that update somewhere other than a reply to an email? I have an LG TV and there's no app updates available yet, i'm away next so probably won't be able to check.


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10 Sep 2008
The club intends to launch on other Smart TV and then operate a web based platform.


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15 Jul 2015
It's not free for 30 days so they can fuck around with it like a beta, it's free as an incentive to subscribe and stay, just like Spotify for example.
Yeah but you can cancel if you are that fussed and then you don't have to pay a penny.

From their point of view it would have been better to explain, there may be some teething problems, as now they might get a lot of cancellations.

As a customer you can't say you're being misled, since you're having a free trial. You make the choice whether you think they will sort the problems out or not and whether its worth it. It couldn't be fairer on the customers side.

I want them to get it right because it reflects poorly on the club, if this is our answer to LFCTV and MUTV but very few of us saw this launch coming. Its not like we've been waiting years for this and we're justifiably let down.

Maybe they should extend the free trial because of the problems though, with an explanation, while they get it running smoothly.
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