Media Thread - 2021/22


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4 Aug 2010
I assume lots of these journalists have come out in force to slaughter Sir David Beckham for taking dirty arab sport washing death oil money??

Father Paul

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18 Jun 2015
Maybe our PR team should be putting these ignorant fuckers right, and in fact should have been doing so for years. By remaining silent and not calling out the lies we are being seen however these media bellends say we are, because no-one hears anything to suggest otherwise.

I can’t imagine many successful businesses that consistently received such negative press would not fight back and present the truth. Imagine if newspapers printed blatant lies about, say Amazon, or Tesla, they’d be facing a lawsuit in days. Why are we so fucking meek? I wish we’d take every one of the fat lying rag hacks apart.
Agree. When you consider some of the things you get silenced for on this forum surely there must be a lawsuit or two in this garbage. It would concentrate a few minds at the very least as things stand it appears to be open season.


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20 Mar 2014
Team supported
At least that’s an answer…
It’s a good answer, why give talkshite and all these bitter newspapers credence by taking them to court, by ignoring them we have the upper hand imo, some on here don’t like it but it’s the way our owners operate.

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