North Stand Expansion

I know at least a dozen family and mates on the waiting list. A few through work etc had to drop seasoncards in the last decade and cannee get back. Demand is high... and can't see it being 50,000 empty seats. We have been near full ever since leaving Maine Road. Don't believe the propaganda.
I'll upload the rest later on.





The money City take from tickets is pocket money compared with revenues from Sponsorship, TV Etc. It has no bearing on signing players. The issue is that the ticket side is being run by a group of people who's only aim is to increase the take thereby justifying their job's, pay increases and bonuses. It's a profit making institution in itself and will screw the last penny out of fans. I will never ever return my ticket to the Club, would sell it at FV or below or give it away.
We’re putting the extra money to one side ready for when we’re relegated to the northern premier league

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