North Stand Expansion

I was just about to post the same. However, we are in a different place fanbase wise now so maybe there would be more demand?
We also had all the ones in the tunnel at one time but think they were only ever meant to be temporary.
I'm getting City Circle vibes here and we all know how that ended. Purchasers will probably end up having their bricks laid in the corner of Car Park 12.
Buy a brick has been around since at least the 80s with the Walker's Steel stand, the small one at Blackburn.

Lots of small clubs who are skint do it, or similar versions of placards for fan funding. The ones City did for the CoMS tunnels were removed after a few years, and the City Circle project a complete disaster.

Also common i getting your name plaque on a set in a new stand. Which get ripped of by other pissed fans etc.
Very true but City ain't stupid filling an extra 8000 seats won't be easy to sell especially for lesser domestic and European matches. I think they will issue more new season tickets, however I also agree that most of the remaining West and East stands will become corporate seating as its easier to sell the sides of the ground for this ! Hopefully if this happens most of the new North Stand will have more affordable priced seats ! I sit in East Stand Level 3 block 304 right next to a corporate block 305 an expect my block to be corporate in the near future as its a really good view !

Which was my point in the discussions yesterday. There are some 8000 regular seats being added, in addition to the corporate ones that are linked to the hotel etc.

Even if they do turn some of the east or west stands to hospitality (or indeed corporate), the net result will still most likely be an overall increase to regular seats, which as you and others point out would most likely be filled by new and additional season card holders.

Even once those 'evicted' from their current seats are relocated there, there will still be additional SC blues that will likely be proportionally far more than the additional corporate (rather than hispitality, which is ultimately still blues, just at a different offering and price point).
Some of us are struggling to get any seat , here you are whining you haven’t got a seat for life. There isn’t a bad seat in the stadium you should be grateful you have one.

I read your comment earlier and have been thinking about it.

I had a season ticket 20 rows up behind the ‘Aguero’ goal I don’t think I could have been in a more perfect spot. I moved into SS3 when it opened for financial reasons.

I’m miles from the pitch but I still love it. It’s a decent atmosphere most of the time but getting back up to my seat three- quarters of the way up the stand can be hard work sometimes!

I really appreciate what I’ve got and how lucky I am to see the best team in the world every couple of weeks!
I was lucky to get me and my son, then 10 ,tickets in the family stand for the Aguero goal about 10 rows up. a great memory. Though being 10 he didn't really appreciate it at the time and his great memory was Vinnies goal v Leicester.
Now tickets are a struggle and 50,000 of us can't all have the seat we'd choose but this year the only league game I've managed to get tickets for is Newcastle. I'll probably pick others up or cup games at least. Just annoys me a bit when those with a S/C get precious about which seat they have, though to a point I do understand people assume it's a seat they alway should have.
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With the chat about resurfacing Mercer Way @jrb , look at what Everton are doing at there new stadium

A major new feature at Everton Stadium will give Evertonians the opportunity to make their mark on the Club’s new waterfront home.

Everton Way will be a unique walkway, paved with engraved stones set into the ground with design features that will celebrate Everton’s identity, history and the greatest players to have represented the Club. Evertonians anywhere in the world have the chance to be featured on Everton Way.

Fans can purchase personalised individual stones that will be laid on the walkway that runs the length of Everton Stadium’s South Stand; the spectacular single-tier home end that will house 13,000 passionate Blues.

The stones can be personalised to celebrate births, marriages, anniversaries and loved ones – allowing fans to forever be part of the Club’s iconic new home.

The personalised stones come in a range of sizes, designs and locations, including the opportunity to have your stone located next to an Everton Giant.

With prices starting from just £65, stones can be purchased by individuals, or bought as gifts for a partner, friend, family member, business or supporters’ club.

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View attachment 98477
City circle went really well.

Took years for mine to be actually on the deck.
It may or may not be a business (I'd say it is and always has been) but one thing it isn't, is a charity. Sorry but prices are what they are and we're certainly not ahead of the curve in anyway.

When did I say it’s a charity? Or tickets should be free? No idea how you’ve managed to get that from my previous posts.

I think match day ticket prices in particular are ridiculous and price out lots of fans from attending. It’s not exactly a controversial opinion.

The prices are what they are’ - that doesn’t mean I have to accept them or agree with it. If all fans just accepted it we wouldn’t have cheaper away tickets
Fair enough that’s what forums are for.

In terms of evidence no smoking gun, just my observations - the general sanitisation of match days, pre match the absurdly loud PA system giving no chance for an atmosphere to grow organically, the heavy handedness of stewards to any kind of boisterousness - I was in 115 last season and the lads in there really put a shift in singing wise but stewards were constantly and needlessly asking them to not encroach on the aisles etc -, then we have the whole issue of the new stand being diluted by corporate areas, away fans being tolerated in home areas etc etc
Between minutes 1-35 and 55-75 only.
I dont think the bricks are a good a numbers game people end up infamous for rotten tricks...

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