PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

City know there is no evidence, that's why they are so uber confident these charges will fail. If in extremis, for the want of argument, such known evidence did exist (it should have been destroyed years ago) and City had been asked to provide it, CIty would not have handed it over which can only ever result in a "none-co-operation" charge which has no sporting sanction, only a financial penalty as I understand it.

This independent commission will be asked to find these charges of rule breaches proven against City based on the same evidence that was put before the CAS justices. For that to happen, in the face of no additional evidence for the PL, would seem very, very, unlikely. Such a perverse finding will almost certainly result in a substantial appeal by City which would also put a huge spotlight on the integrity of the ruling commission members, something on which their very professional existence relies on heavily. I cannot see how that can happen.

Is it conceivable the PL have conducted such a 4 year witch hunt investigation based on no other evidence than those emails, knowing the results at CAS? That they have issued 115 (130) charges against City on such a basis, knowing the likely outcome? As most have surmised should the above come to pass, Masters and his team are finished. The American redshirts will hang him out to dry.
And yet red shirts are to blame for this whole fiasco, and they get to walk away.
Other thing is the Fordham image rights weren’t time bound on limitations which Uefa could have included in their charges but didn’t. It feels like the Premier League are hoping to throw enough shit and hopefully something will stick. The fall out for them if this goes tits up for them will be huge.

And deservedly so.
I saw Stefan doing podcast today with kieron mcquire ? And Mike Miney on charges if can find link ill post
Its the "We're not really here" podcast.....if being recorded today it probably wont be up for a couple more days yet....latest episode was 2 weeks ago
Nobody knows what they have, so he is right to say that. But he also says he thinks it is exceeding unlikely that the PL can prove the most serious charges and, if they can't, then most of the other charges won't have been proven either. And he is right to say that too.

Edit: There hasn't been one story in the press, as far as I can remember, that the PL are confident in their case and that they think they will prevail. Bearing in mind how that organisation leaks, that speaks volumes.

The problem with much of the UK media is they don’t worry about evidence or the balance of probabilities etc…. Our guilt is a given on the basis they don’t like us or the origin of our ownership.
I'm no expert but like city you wouldn't show hand before need to

I guess at some point discussion will be this what we've got and negotiating takes place
Generally in court proceedings the prosecution discloses the information they have, as how do you defend a client if you don't know what they have on him.
Producing a 'gotcha' is just gonna cause repetitive delays in the proceedings.
As I understand it.

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