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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by basokla, 7 Dec 2019.

  1. Kokonut1307


    21 May 2013
    Gundogan’s knee injury has changed him as a player, and he certainly had a higher pedigree to him. However, I still consider him as a good contribution to the team.

    I agree we have been found out tactically. Essentially teams know they just need to bring their bus and not mess around with the ball in their own half (just hoofing it up) and they will beat our current press. The bigger issue is that due to a lack of height in our attackers we can’t hurt teams aerially. We need a Lewandowski who can head the ball for a plan B. That is the only way we are going to break teams down better.
  2. tolmie's hairdoo

    tolmie's hairdoo

    20 Feb 2008
    behind enemy lines, regularly
    Too busy looking after Ashley Young's new sprog of his recent new partner.

    It appears he is the latest victim of an English player who thinks they have made it when they haven't.

    Just because they earn a few top whack quid.

    He needs a haircut, a shave and a fucking wash.
  3. Monkey gestures the Neanderlithic cnunt at the front of 111 and really hope this will be his last ever attendance at our ground.
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  4. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
    Well I hope the Sheikh is looking under the couch cushions because it is going to cost him a pretty penny for that to happen.
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  5. ken tali

    ken tali

    3 May 2018
    Nice season. Karen tell us how unlucky we are but actually we are playing the best football on earth etc... Whatever
  6. kanovic


    15 Jun 2009
    Players are burned out. They are playing way to many games in a season plus international. Plus we have won so much last two seasons that it’s hard to motivate players especially when everything seems to be working against them ie var and refs
  7. IcriedwhenTueartleft


    2 May 2011
    Agree with most of that except for the Rodri bits, thought he was invisible in that 1st half, as he was at Anfield when we were two down. Then, in both games, suddenly reappears and looks like Ruud Gullit in midfield in the 2nd half when the match has gone.
    Not convinced about him so far, lacks mobility but like you say, can look like a Rolls Royce of a player at times.
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  8. ColinBellsjockstrap


    23 Dec 2009
    In my house
    ffs! Get a grip.

    Yes, it's a shit result, and we have no chance of catching the dippers, but last Tuesday Pep and the players were the best thing since sliced bread.

    My first match was in 1961 and I've seen some real shit over the years.

    Why doesn't Phil Foden start? It doesn't make sense.
  9. give it to gordon

    give it to gordon

    3 Nov 2013
    Siting in the car park , dont know what to say . So slow , no pace, no tactics beaten by a team playing under12's tactics of hit it long to the 3 fast kids up front.
    I dont know what's happen to us perhaps the last two season have knackered the team.
    Dont understand why foden wasnt used I love David Sliva but he seems so predictable nowadays.
    We didnt seem to have any pace until we scored . I am worried that something seems wrong at City, might be the players are fed up with being screwed over by VAR game after game , I know I am ......oh well a few beers than a long drive home tomorrow.
  10. alexmcity


    1 Aug 2019
    Team supported:
    There is indeed. Kompany, Ferna, Dave and Sergio were the leaders and the heart of the team. We need new players and leaders. Can't happen immediately.

    I understand why Dave started, but why did he finish the game? Pep hoped for some magic and it did never arrive. Given our position in the league, we better play the younger players more often. Dave remain an incredible person and legend but time can't stand still.

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