Real Madrid (H) CL Post-Match Thread


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25 Sep 2018
Simply outstanding.

The work rate, effort, commitment and passion was back in abundance and we fully deserved to dismantle those cocky twats. The full team battled and that's all we can ever want as fans.

Jesus - Incredible what he gives the team. Maybe he's not as clinical as Kun but he's his own man and is a superstar in the making, in a different way to Aguero but could be just as important to us.


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4 Jun 2009
A good disciplined performance, not great but didn’t need to be as they didn’t turn up at all. We won’t get away with wasting so many glorious chances in future games if we intend on winning it though, give the opposition the chances we had and they’re touching double figures, must be more clinical.

Kyle Walker was phenomenal yet again, Jesus was tireless cancelo a very strong performance in an unnatural position, Ederson alert and Foden was a threat every time he touched it, he waited for his chance, showed patience and trust in Pep despite the clueless masses saying he needs to leave ASAP and now he’s starting in a last 16 game against Real Madrid, whilst the kids that left are sat at home watching him.

Lyon aren’t as good of a side as Juve on paper but they’ll be very dangerous, they’re the type of side we typically don’t do as well against so we need to be on it. 3 games and it’s ours
Lyon are a decent outfit, we struggled against them a couple of years ago. We will need to be more clinical to progress, is there any chance Kun will be fit to play next Saturday?


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16 Feb 2009
I said at the time if the first one happened outside the box it’s a foul and low and behold that’s what happened later, VAR should’ve called that, also the pull on KDB right in front of the ref in the first half was a foul as well.
When KDB is wronged he goes into a rage and channels it into his game.
He goes up a gear or two. Doesn’t seem possible but it happens.

Var being used to influence the outcome of games is criminal.
You’ve got to be a special team to win in these circumstances.

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