The "let's talk" thread


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6 Jul 2005
yes we are all fucked up cunts.......but very protective and the nicest psychos you could possibly meet.

Not me.....I'm not a ****. or fucked
A fucked up cuñt, or if you would allow me, Cunty McCuntyface


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14 Feb 2012
screaming my bollocks off
I’m literally looking at a blank piece of paper for 2020. I had to relocate to London for personal reasons in 2018 and the circumstances that brought me down here are now over. All I know is I want out of London. I’ve also now got enough money to buy myself an affordable flat or house somewhere outside of the South East. I’ve just no idea where to go. I have a job in a nice organisation but it’s not the be all and end all. I have good transferable skills so I don’t fear unemployment. I’m always in work.

I visit Swansea for a weekend in February, Cardiff in March and need to squeeze Liverpool and Manchester in together at some point. All four of those places are viable options - plus maybe anywhere else?! I’m 40 next birthday, have hardly any family and can settle somewhere biggish with things to do and good transport.

I’m an absolute mongrel so I don’t really have roots anywhere. I literally have no clue what to do.
From your posts, your life sounds quite cool to be honest. You're here there and everywhere with Wales, seeing places and what not.....i'd see no reason to give that lifestyle up....

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