Things your missus does that drive you to despair


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26 May 2005
Experience is a terrible teacher, it gives the exa
When she empties the dishwasher it's like WW bastarding 3, clattering, banging opening cupboard doors, shutting them, she literally throws the fucking cutlery into the drawer.
Drives me fucking nuts. I hate it.

Maybe she hates the dishwasher as it makes her feel redundant and less of a woman. You should ask her.

Tuearts right boot

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26 Feb 2011
Halfway up a mountain,bumfuck nowhere,Snowdonia.
Carol vordeman! And who the fucks wynn evans , ill google him and report back
The bloke does a 3 hr slot on BBC radio Wales and is an absolute nutcase. Yes he does the insurance advert but is a bloody good opera singer in real life ( his other job...) A welcome break for midday radio broadcasting. I thank my utmost hatred for Jeremy Vine for finding him. Vorders needs no explaining, only to the wife.


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28 Jan 2012
Putting the milk in a brew before taking the tea bag out. Does my tits in.
... but thats how you're supposed to do it.

It drives me mad that mine takes the teabag out before putting the milk in..... what if its not strong enough? You leave the teabag in until you get the correct shade of tan for a strong tea.

Doesn't everybody do that? 'Cos they should!

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