Too many vehicles on uk roads

I had no car for 4 weeks while waiting for a turbo charger to arrive from overseas and then to be fitted. Due to the times I start and finish my journeys getting the tram bus started at 19.00 and getting back home at 06.30. In my car I leave at 20.30 and get home at 05.15
Public transport 11.5 hours out of the house
Car just over 8.5 hours out of the house.
Anybody think I stuck with public transport?
Door to door personal transport is always going to be quicker but unfortunately the thread is regarding having too many cars on the road, not giving reasons for more of them ;)

Someone has to “downgrade” their speed otherwise we might as well give up.

I think free public transport at weekends in GM would be worth a try. Make car parking £10 an hour except for key workers and certain exceptions.
My job is largely tied to the manufacturing and transportation sectors, so I have access to expert analysis and forecast info for things like this and that’s what all the sources are indicating. Of course, things could change with another pandemic, more war, alien invasion etc.
Alien we talking
On topic, I can't remember the last time I completed a motorway journey without hitting heavy traffic. I drive a nice-ish car, driving should bring enjoyment but it just saps my soul.

Very long term, something will have to give because the infrastructure just won't keep pace with the manufacturing and consumer need.

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