Who Will Pose A Threat Next Season

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by cyberblue, 13 Mar 2018.

  1. asahartford1


    15 Nov 2016
    Referees and the FA. Stoke on a wet windy night. Peg, always wins the league in his third season ( has he ever had a third season.)

    Talk sport and the BBC,

    Teams who have found us out.

    Climate change and a potential potato famine.
  2. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    I think Van Dijk arriving has been the main reason behind Liverpool's form. They have someone who is both a great defender and brilliant in build up play.
  3. Bellamy's Caddy

    Bellamy's Caddy

    26 Jan 2009
    It will be interesting to see what other teams do in the transfer window.

    I'm inclined to say Liverpool as they have the makings of a really strong first eleven, but then again there is not much quality when you look beyond that. The high pressing, in your face approach works well against the top teams, however when the focus is on them to break teams down they often lack that quality on the ball, which is what happens when your midfield is Henderson, Milner and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Chelsea have massively underperformed this year and there seems to be a constant clash between Conte and the board. They've got a good squad, so if they get the behind scenes stuff sorted and with a few new additions they could be a threat. Having said that their recent transfer policy has been bizarre... Barkley and Drinkwater?!

    United... strange team to work out. In theory a strong attacking line up, but very rarely demonstrated. Central midfield needs improving as their current set up just doesn't work. The haircut might get sold in summer, but not sure who would want him or be able to afford him. Mourinho's negactive approach has seen their league position improve compared to last season, but a lot of their big name players aren't performing and the fans aren't happy (Great from a City perspective!).

    Spurs - A lot of credit to Poch for the job he has done there but realistically they blew their best chance for a title the year Leicester won it. Kane has proven himself to be a truly top class Premier League player (Champs League and International remains to be seen), Eriksson is also another quality player but I don't see many of the others getting in the starting line ups for the other top 4 teams aside from maybe Vertonghen. I think Delle Ali has been found out this year and not sure they have enough quality to challenge for the league.

    From a City perspective it's incredible to think we've won the league in this style in only Pep's second season. Might we improve even further next season? Last year was a transition period as Pep instilled his style on a group of players unfamiliar with his methods, this year we really saw that come together.

    In terms of our squad, this season it became apparent just how much we rely on Fernandinho and I would like to see another midfielder brought in to share the burden with him. Despite our goal scoring exploits I'd also still like to see another forward player come in. The emergence of Fodem and Diaz has been encouraging this season and hopefully they will play a bigger part next year.

    Regardless of what the other teams do, I think we have the best chance of retaining the title since we won the Premier League for the first time. In the meantime I'm hoping Pep can keep the players on track to see out this season in the manner we've performed up to now. 100 points and the goal record would be a great way to do it. What a time to be a Blue!
  4. Esteban de la Sexface

    Esteban de la Sexface

    2 May 2008
    Complacency on and off the pitch.

    On the pitch, not worried. Pep has it covered.

    Off the pitch, we need 3/4 top quality additions to compete on all fronts, please not another summer of rodwells, Sinclair's etc.

    One push this summer, get quality in and next 3-4 years we don't need to worry about any opposition domestically
  5. Clubber


    19 Jan 2009
    Under your bed, playing Monopoly with the Bogeyman
    Good shout as well.

    I still believe they will find it tougher next season, unless Keita is a good as Liverpool seem to believe he is, and other additions are of a better level to what they have.
  6. Woodman1801


    19 Jul 2012
    They still need another CB/DM & GK for the first eleven let alone cover & no way Salah repeats this season
  7. Tom_mcfc


    20 Aug 2004
    You would say Liverpool considering their form this end of the season. They keep hold of Salah and buy wisely then they could be a threat. That being sad I see they keep getting linked to Fellaini so if this is the calibre of player they are going for then I am not overly concerned.

    Chelsea possibly if they have a new manager, clear out and buy well. Would depend on how serious they took the Europa.

    Pep wont be happy with this one title, he will want to build and try and better this season which is why I am confident we can retain it. Even if we play to this seasons level teams have a massive gap to bridge just to get to where we are now.
  8. jay_mcfc


    7 Mar 2006
    8010 posts
    Definiteltliverpool. Van Dijk has completely transformed them and so long as they keep Salah and everyone stays fit, they're going to be a real contender next year. Cue the usual quip.
  9. vmsuhail


    11 Mar 2012
    If you listen to certain Liverpool fans, they are already champions next season and CL winners this season.
  10. adrianr


    21 Nov 2010
    Refs and ourselves. No reason we can't stomp the league into the floor like we've done this season based purely on who we have to play. We have the best young squad who just got a year wiser and they shouldn't be scared of anyone. As long as we have proper cover for Fernandinho and don't get a shit ton of injuries we should win it by a margin again.

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