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    James Milner

    Milner is a ****. one of the reasons he gave for wanting to leave us is that he wanted a central midfield role. Maybe Rodgers promised him that as Gerrard was off to America. Yet here the **** is playing full back and seemingly happy to do so. He's a jack of all trades and master of none.. He's...
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    if you want to ban anything

    I think that just about covers it. Excellent .
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    Mangala was on his game today. Bit of a kick in the balls if rumours are true.
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    West Brom Vs City Pre match Thread

    Someone in the Stuttgart match thread described them as a "German West Brom". Well i hope that back 4 holds up a bit better tonight.
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    The cnut hasn't got a pot to piss in. He'll say just about anything for a few quid. I don't remember him having any problems with Portsmouth's "model". He's the biggest kind of loser, had it all and Spunked the lot.
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    Underdogs for the title going by the media.

    I'm really worried. After all the "media'" are never wrong.
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    Player Topic: Wilfried Bony (2015/16)

    To be fair to Bony he's not had much of pre season , neither did he get much help from our midfield yesterday.
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    The what are you doing at the weekend thread

    You're right, I'm just a moaning fucker.
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    The what are you doing at the weekend thread

    I'm on call so definitely no alcohol :-( If it's busy then all well and good. If it's quiet then the grass needs cutting and the windows need cleaning (weather permitting). If it's pissing down (as it usually is) the shed is badly in need of a clear out and a thorough tidy up. I fuckin hate...
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    Media bias against City

    Glad someone else saw it. He's nothing but a bearded slug.
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    Boycott the M*rror

    The Mail is no better.And that includes Samuels. ! In fact most of the vitriol I read about us has been copied and pasted on here.. So I I'll avoid this thread in future and any thread of similar content. In this case ignorance is indeed bliss.
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    Media bias against City

    He did an online Q & A session last week and the fat cnut had plenty of sly digs. Also I clearly stated I wouldn't go as far as banning them.but I'd charge him for all the cakes and doughnuts he eats.
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    Liverpool thread

    One thing is for sure Milner won't replace Gerrard. He's getting his excuses in early. 3 weeks he's been there and already he's talking bollocks. He's taken to them like a duck to water.
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