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    Drivers who have mud flaps

    I remember those "go faster stripes" cb ariels and them tinted plastic front head light covers..
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    jury service

    If this is true will i be able to take in my mobile and a cushion. ?
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    jury service

    So far some good pointers. They're guilty and everyone's a twat ( must remember that). Thanks. I know not to dicuss the case anywhere or with anyone other than in the deliberating room. as for the expenses. I'm self employed. I was wondering if I could take in a bag of crips and some sarnies to...
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    jury service

    I've been called to do jury service, anyone got any tips. Cheers.
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    West Ham Pre-Match Thread... Here we go!

    I'm still quietly confident we'll do this. I'm wearing my lucky pants.
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    help! I want to stop smoking thread.

    Cheers me. I'm cold turkey now have been for a while. It can be shit at times and librating at others. Best of luck pal
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    help! I want to stop smoking thread.

    Bump Still smoke free. And hoping today's tension won't change it. 109 days with out a smoke.
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    Sunderland post match thread

    Re: Are you disappointed or surprised by the Sunderland result? Disappointed, no doubt about it. Nasri's goal was a lucky escape from embarrassment. but we're not getting the right decisions from the refs.
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    Cartoon HD

    Ive had it b4 but this time I cant get past the first page.
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    help! I want to stop smoking thread.

    Well done. U 3. Tbh I've come very close to caving in..
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    help! I want to stop smoking thread.

    61 days still at it.. been cold turkey for quite a bit. Anyone else kept it going..?
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    Support the Teachers' Strike

    I have nothing but great respect n admiration for most teachers. Then there's some pretty poor heads. .
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    Dog gets a tattoo ... tw!t of an owner & tattooist.

    Did it have mar n paws tattoos. .
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    Fast or slow eater ?

    Not slow, not too fast either. Somewhere in the middle.
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    help! I want to stop smoking thread.

    Still at it.. I'm trying not to cave in, but if we're loosing with a few minutes on the clock. . I may have to kill someone. !
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