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    Burnley (h) postponed

    If you go shopping get me some bog roll will you, if you are fixing the shed see if there is any spare bog roll in there.
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    West Ham match postponed - confirmed

    I wonder if the same people having a go looked out the window just after KO time ,its as bad as it was this morning if not worse, sure the Sun will report that too.
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    Wembley Travel

    Can't see anything wrong with this suggestion at all, but maybe .......
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    Crystal Palace (H) Pre-Match Thread

    Must be down to Arteta leaving after all he is getting blamed for our upturn in performances since he left may as well take this offence in to consideration too.
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    Aston Villa (A) - Pre-Match Thread

    I think with Grealish it is more the free kicks he 'wins' watched the game last night and its no wonder he is the most fouled player in the Prem, he plays for a foul virtually every time.
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    FA Cup R4 - Fulham (H) - Sun 26/01 - 1:00pm

    Most people moan when we are not chosen , we are holders so you would hope there would be interest. It could have been worse Friday/Monday night or the 5pm slot Sunday.
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    City’s Away Support Tonight

    A Martin Samuel on Twitter said he was pretty sure TV commentary of the queen's funeral will be more upbeat than Martin Tyler last night! Says it all really not just us that notice it, and he is employed by Sky on the Sunday Supplement.
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    Port Vale (H) - FA Cup 3rd Round Pre-match Thread

    The are already giddy, this was a snippet from a Vale fans forum "if we score that away end will be mental. If, and it’s a huge if, we score first then I genuinely don’t know how I’m going to react. City fans will certainly never have seen anything like they’re going to see Saturday. Our...
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    FA Cup R3 - Port Vale (H) - Sat 04/01 - 5:31pm

    I have to re-locate every cup game never had an issue nor an e-mail confirmation, but always works and as you should get a text on the day. I just make a note of re-location seats and take a photo. I have given up asking to make sure I get an e-mail as they always say "right seats changed you...
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    Port Vale (H) - FA Cup 3rd Round Pre-match Thread

    I think they used VAR for the Burton game, no idea how all 9 counted.
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    Port Vale (H) - FA Cup 3rd Round Pre-match Thread

    yes sorry i meant Saturday and then against Rags 1st leg.
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    Port Vale (H) - FA Cup 3rd Round Pre-match Thread

    The Jesus/Aguero role is tough, Sergio needs games to build himself back up but playing both games is not a good idea, so i would play him Saturday and make sure he is fully fit for 2nd leg but who knows.
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    Port Vale (H) - FA Cup 3rd Round Pre-match Thread

    Is VAR being used at all FA Cup games or just the ones the FA want to even the games up?
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    Everton (H) Post-Match Thread

    Not many teams can make that many changes and play in exactly same way, now they start reading the subs out first at the game it shows what strength we have when fully fit squad. Most impressive thing for me was after Wolves defeat we really needed to win both of these games in such a short...
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    Poll: City's most influential midfielder of this decade

    pity there is not a 5th option - All of the above.