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    Newcastle (H) Post Match Thread

    iwas just going to post the same,he leads the charge,get well soon kev
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    Newcastle fans

    they did get a break,his name was sir john hall,
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    10th Anniversary. What were you doing when you found out?

    at work ,when my son phoned "dad city have been taken over we are the richest club in the world what a day ,what a fantastic 10 years
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    Lenny Henry

    with you on that, thats 2 of us anyway
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    Vincent Kompany Testimonial

    love vinny ,but count me out
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    World Cup 2018 | 15th July | Final: France vs Croatia, KO 16:00 (BST)

    the problem with france is that they are french only joking congrats france
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    Patrick Roberts

    we are a well oiled machine. long may it continue
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    Another major offensive on the horizon?

    the poster is correct ,its what we have been doing for the last 1000 years ,whats the point of having all these new toys ,and not trying them out its what the defence force do ,
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    Phil Foden to Leeds on Loan?

    he is a chelsea fan now ,
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    Gosport Hospital Deaths

    its not exclusive to Tories
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    Gosport Hospital Deaths

    the idiot says read the pos the idiot says read the post below your reply
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    Gosport Hospital Deaths

    mass extermination of people who no longer have anything to contribute to society,and are just a burden to the state,its outrageous and another example of the utter contempt our leaders have for the average citizen in this country .bastards
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    Manchester City Skinheads

    the four les,s,Cracknel,Tate,Todd,and Heaton,one small part of a very handy crew
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