27 | Matheus Nunes - 2023/24

Very good when he came on tonight. One thing, though, is that you can see he lacks confidence at the moment. You could see that shot lacked confidence when he had a chance to score, the same way he lacked confidence against Pickford. We need to get behind this lad more because he has the potential to be brilliant for us, as he has shown at times.
Good cameo, should've had an assist with the cross to Haaland and was involved in the Foden goal.
Played well when he came on because the state of the game suited him - he had space to move into and the game was fluid, so it worked to his strengths in terms of his mobility.

He could be a really useful option for us, even if it’s mainly from the bench, and I still think he’s got a high ceiling as a player.
Brilliant cameo today. Central, left wing, right wing - played everywhere Bernardo does and we didn't miss a beat. Coulda had an assist too!

Too early to write him off even though the instant footy experts will disagree!
Glad to see some love for him here. He did brilliantly for Foden's goal.
Positive cameo, played his part in the last goal. His running is a true asset or will be once he's fully settled, needs more game time to integrate himself quicker, I'm adamant he could get that, do a better job and be less of a risk from out wide.
Made a real impact when he came on. Created a chance for Haaland with a lovely cross and played a big part in the third goal by beating a man in the build-up, something he's very good at.

He's been a mixed bag so far but it's hard to build any kind of form when you're in and out of the team. I've seen enough positives to make me think he can make it here and like most of our new signings I think he'll be a lot better in his second season.
Need him firing given the injuries to Jack and possibly Bernado and Kovacic unavailable for Chelsea.

Not sure where Gomez is at injury wise presently as well.

Clearly as we have the ball far more often than not we are always at risk of impact injuries the challenge on Bernie was a shocker and could have finished his season.

Refs that don't do the right thing and punish accordingly only encourage weaker to teams to add to our injury list.

We had a clean bill of health for the first time this season and within a week have 5 players possibly unavailable for Saturday albeit maybe 2 of them not sustaining the injury during the match.

Despite our excellent run and being more than competitive in 3 comps again this season injuries can be the difference between success or coming up short and no doubt we will have more before June so Nunes like Bobb and Lewis to name but three becomes crucial to our chances of trophies.

Lets hope Jack and Josko are back ASAP.
He has the ability to be a top player, his lack of top flight football experience shows often but he is one hell of a talent and appears a very popular member of the squad.
I think that last night showed the need for the best squads to have a blend of skills. He was excellent, and the game was open with space. In that environment, he can do serious damage. If 10 men sit behind the ball and occupy all passing lanes, he currently will be less effective: it doesn't play to his strengths and he has little experience of playing against opponents who play that way. He will improve at this because he will face it a lot. In the meantime, and possibly for a long time, a player like Oscar Bobb is far more suited to games like that because of his close control and vision.

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