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12 Dec 2010
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I'm out, finished, had enough of yesterday.

No problem getting in, service was good at the bars, football was a bit meh but a good 3 points.

The problem: I've just checked my bank account and the bastards have charged me £8.50 for a pie and 1 tea. It should have been £6.50.

Now, I can put up with Sterling and Mahrez being shit but over charging by £2 is the final straw. Never again City!

Anyway, see you all at West Ham.

Have you been charged an handling fee or served by a topless barmaid ? lol!
They have started charging an handling fee for buying goods delivered from the online store !


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6 Jan 2009
80% possession, 1 nil up, = ulcer territory. 2 players committing unforced error after unforced error, = frustration level well into overload. Flashes of brilliance from all over the pitch, individual and collective, except when it counts the most, wtaf?
Intricate, one-touch give and go that ends in a high ball into a packed area is such a shocking waste, it's almost our signature.
Given the log-jam of talent from the academy, all of them steeped in Pep's " ideology", it may well be a season or two before we dominate all before us, the foundation is already here.


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27 May 2004
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I don’t think that false 9 suits the players who have to play there but saying that he wasn’t much better second half bar the first 10 mins of it.
yeah agreed...its not perfect for any of them.....

Foden is probably the best finisher but it nullifies his other attributes there a little....
Ferran is a great finisher but he doesnt want to drop deep and wants to play a little more on the shoulder.
Grealish really struggled with it.....not for him
Sterling....movement is great, can drop deep but as has always been the case his finishing isnt what it needs to be
Mahrez....just no
Delap - unknown but he is a classic centre forward so I doubt it is something we would even try
KDB - even on top form he should be played deeper.....
Bernardo probalby a decent shout as much as foden is

But yeah none are great at it...

The thing is we look a better team at present with the false 9 so if we were to bring in more of a classic forward type (Haalland for instance of Kane which was clearly the plan) we lose a little bit of control so it will be interesting to see what we will do...Kane or Haaland whichever the preference will see a change in style.......A prime Messi, Aguero style of player (of whom there doesnt seem to be many around at present) would allow us to play with the false 9 system

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25 Mar 2016
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I honestly think Sterling isn't even a good squad player now, I'd rather an academy player take his spot in the squad. If he's sulking then fuck him off
I don't think Raz is sulking.
His loss of top form is concerning.
He played very well for England I thought, so why not as good for City?
Is it because City play a faster, higher intensity game?
Is it because Raheem has given too much in previous seasons at City and has never really recovered from it?
Is it because he has been played out of his natural position?
A mixture of all these things?
I will not criticise the man and would cut him some slack. If in the end he chooses to leave City, then I wish him all the best and thank him for some great memories (and crucial goals).


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4 Jun 2009
Nowhere near our best, but we won and no injuries so not a bad day. Mahrez had one of those days where he could n't hit a cows arse with a banjo, but he needs a run of games to hit peak form, but I can't see him getting those games currently. Sterling had another ineffective afternoon and his form is worrying.

Moving onto the positives Rodders put in another solid show and Bernardo was the pick for MOTM with another masterclass performance

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