Champions League 2019/2020 season

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  1. ManieH96


    30 Apr 2019
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    Providing we win the FA cup, I think the main priority next season should be the league followed by the champions league. Domestic cups aren't regarded in the same manner anymore. However, as it has been 8 years since last FA cup, it would be nice to get our hands on it.

    If you gave me the option to swap positions with Liverpool right now where they have a great chance of winning the champions league but less likely to win the premier league, I would turn it down. I appreciate getting our name on the champions league for the first time is a big deal, however, dominating the premier league is more important in my eyes. Alex Ferguson, one of the greatest managers in the game was revered for his premier league success, not quite as much for his champions league success. Would love Pep to secure a similar legacy, albeit over a shorter period.

    All this being said, it has been very disappointing the manner in which we have exited the champions league to inferior teams. Wish Pep did not over think the big occasions.
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  2. City & Blue Brazil

    City & Blue Brazil

    20 Mar 2013
    Over 4000 of the allocation for this years final will cost over £385 ! Add in the cost of getting to the game, and next year will be even more expensive in Istanbul, and it will be way beyond the financial means of a lot of city fans.
  3. grifter


    12 Dec 2010
    Would love to see us win this one day. But you can’t hang your season on it due to the luck and fine margins involved. League’s the bread and butter and I’d love us to really dominate domestically for period. The CL will come eventually, Chelsea looked like they’d forever fall short and then won it in the craziest of circumstances.
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  4. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    the trouble from what i have seen over the past 8 years of champions league football with manchester city is UEFA ?? and not the club or players and managers ??? if liverpool and spurs can make the champions league final and arsenal and chelsea having a great chance of europa league final then its shows their is a problem with uefa and manchester city because manchester city are the best team in england by a country mile ???

    so funny that spurs with little champions league the so called HISTORY can get to the final ??? and everybody keeps saying manchester city have little to none history in europe and this is why we struggle in europe ?? BOLLOCKS ?? its politics and uefa board members and officials and until somebody from the club calls them out nothing will change

    you can even see it in the city players faces when lining up with the uefa anthem ?? there is a smile and that look they KNOW whats happening and the fans booing just shows it even more we are getting done over ?? season after season, i even think pep knows and he is keeping mum and his hands are tied with what i call a media order and you dare not cross it ????

    so next season in the champions league do i see any change in what has happened this season NOPE and if uefa are fully in control of VAR then we might as well give up now and sell our top 4 place to the highest bidder ????
  5. trublue55


    3 Feb 2008

    My thoughts exactly, but to pick up on this season's stats, the 2 teams competing to be "champions of europe" , have managed between them, to lose 9 of the 24 games they have played. In most cup competitions, lose 1 and you are out (excluding 2 legged semis), and in the Premier League, that sort of loss record equates to Leicester or Everton, of last year, or Watford this season. It's also ridiculous, that in such a prestigious (??) tournament, that "meaningless fixtures" can even exist. let alone be the sole reason, that Spurs were even able to get out of the group stage. Few would doubt, that had Barca even cared, Spurs would have been out. Then, as you pointed out, Spurs with a negative goal difference, managed to progress , by virtue of "away goals head to head" wtf?, had anybody even heard of that ?

    The very concept of an away goal , is a bit of an anathema, football is, or at least should be about goals scored on the pitch, so on that basis, what f***ing difference does it make, where the pitch is? This season Spurs have progressed via away goals now, 3 times.

    I am not even commenting, (let alone complaining) on our exit to Spurs, i've expressed previously my views on changing the rules, mid competition, and then not even applying them, encroachment on penalties, handballs, offsides, and VAR, as i honestly believe, that if we were still in it, it is highly likely it would have affected our title quest adversely.

    Equally , i've not realistically got any ideas how to improve it, as i believe it is institutionally corrupt, and such an over-engorged cash cow, that they have very little, if any desire to improve it. All they seem to want is more money, for the chosen ones.

    So on the basis of entitlement, Liverpool will surely win it, as they are most self- entitled bunch os ****s, however, bearing in mind, that both of them got through purely because they had a decent 2nd half of the semi 2nd leg (scoring 3), i say good luck to them, they've had that all season, and as the OP said, both were extremely fortunate to even get out of the group. !
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  6. jimharri


    30 Dec 2007
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    It's bad enough shelling out £145 for next weekend's shindig in Landan. Plus flights, plus accommodation.
  7. goalmole


    5 Jun 2013
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    The perception is that the winner of the CL is the best team in Europe.
    The reality is that that is a load of bollocks.
    Unfortunately perception is usually the greater reality in people's minds.
    Therefore it's something we need to win to get any recognition.
    What I do know from our recent history is that once we win it we will go on to win it multiple times in a short period
    We are building this club's capabilities up slowly but the foundations we are laying are solid.
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  8. dan05delaney


    10 Dec 2013
    I'd like us to win it next year just for a) the media to shut up about us needing to win it and for b) the players to complete the set of winning everything with the club, some multiple times, still want the league as the main priority though
  9. wagonman


    19 Apr 2012
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    For me, the very most important reason to win the CL is because (I'm told) our owner (may his name be forever praised) wants us to...

    That's good enough for me...

  10. Man_City_Loyal


    16 Feb 2017
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    Would we get a 5th team in next years Champions League due to mickeys or spurs getting the spot?

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