Chelsea (H) | Post-Match Thread


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8 Dec 2018
How have some of you absolute nitwits not understood the point of the rotation policy at this point?

We haven't had a break all fucking season. The reason we're able to play PSG off the park is because those players have been heavily rotated.

Not fucking hard to understand.

Even more stupid are those who think we should have put out a full strength team today and then gone to the beach for 3 weeks. That's just not how it works.
Exactly, in a perverted way, we have a point to prove in the CL final and that's probably the motivation we need.


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4 Jul 2009
Tuchel has Pep’s number here.

Even with Zinch, Foden, Gundog, didn’t create nay a ripple of improvement. I hate to say this but it does really feel that Tuchel and chelsea have made a lot of effort and maybe technology in AI machine learn our tactic as a team and as individual players.

I’m not at all surprised if he lost against the lower teams but keeps on winning against us. If I were Tuchel new to the job, of course the first team that I want to deviscerate and analyse every granular detail will be us, Manchester City. He wants to win the league next year.

I have a bad feeling about the CL final, and this will keep me flapping to no end.

sir baconface

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20 May 2012
Not in my lifetime.
The polar opposite of the PSG game in terms of professionalism, commitment, application and skill.

Second stringers looked second string. Out of formers looked out of form.

Got what we deserved: fcuk all.

Hey ho, it will have little or no impact in the season’s outcome.


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3 Aug 2009
If you want to win the league you don't make 9 changes.
2-3 changes and get the game won.
Gives Chelsea more confidence going into the champions league final aswell,


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28 Aug 2005
He always gives the players the credit so that is bollocks plus did he miss a penalty? That was the turning point.

i meant in the media ? but they have the right to slag him off as well ? am not all pep out and get rid shit
am saying when we are good he can hold his head up and laugh and smile joke with the media but today sorry the media have the right to SLAM HIM and nobody can defend him

he got it so wrong today and it was nothing more than SHOCKING

city warrior

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6 Apr 2021
Pep really making hard work of wrapping the title up. This really is putting pressure on us now. He has to go strong next game but we risk injury to key players so close to the final. Surprised how he’s playing this out
Oh yeah, so much pressure, we have to win 1 game out of 3 (and that's only if Utd wins all of their games)...


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5 Jan 2008
I never said we would t be champions Sadi it would end up very close and it will.
Wouldn’t be surprised if we’re champions by this time tomorrow.. certainly by Thursday night before we play on Friday

after that it can be as close as you want.. irrelevant

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