It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition


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29 Apr 2012
This was a time for Messi to show courage - and he’s come up short again. I think on balance he is best to stay there and go down with the sinking ship. City gave it a go but we just move on now... we are in good hands and need to get our title back.

IDK man, calling all your team mates shit and the club management fucking idiots and that you really don't want to be there on a global stage takes a lot of balls.
I wouldn't do it!


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7 Nov 2010
He wants out ,but doesn't want a legal battle with the club he loves over the 700million fee to move, so stays until the summer when it starts all over again.
No it won’t
He will leave at the end of the season at the very least
I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a twist over the coming few weeks or he leaves in January. I very much doubt his mood and performance level will be what it’s been given what’s happened and the fact he does not get on with the manager...unless of course he’s been bluffing all along which looks unlikely


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4 Feb 2010
Between zen and mad
Read it and it sounds like his head is up his arse.

He wants to go but basically isnt allowed.

He wants to win but realises he'll win fuck all there as they've gone so shit.

His bird and nippers kicked off royal when he said he wanted to bounce.

Tbf that would wreck anyone's nut.

Imo he's put his family and club before himself and that's commendable, even if we wished he didn't.

I still think there'll be more to come on this.
Really ? People move around every day, our players stay here ten years but still manage to rip their kids away from friends, it is called real life, he could put them in a helicopter every weekend to see their pals till they made new ones,most people can't


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30 Jun 2009
He’s looking for help from Abu Dhabi, and I think Khaldoon needs to pull up his big boy pants and do it, Txiki and Ferran know where the bodies are buried, this is just the beginning

BUT - he's not worth breaking our transfer policy for - especially as it would mean no other purchases - not to mention another investigation and bad vibes re FFP


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20 Oct 2010
Looks to me he has put the ball back in Barca court....keeping him against his will

had £800 on him joining City 20k win if he joins

Jacob Smith

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29 Sep 2014
This will have a huge impact on clauses in future contracts with top players surely saying no to ridiculously high release clauses rather than just going along with the club’s wishes taking it for granted that they’ll want to stay at said club for the length of that contract

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