Leicester City (H) Post Match Thread


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10 Nov 2008
Not much time together from City's perspective containing two new signings. Season ended in the middle of August without much of a break either and you expect fresher performances?
Yes. And I expect to see some guts. That was a shit Leicester team. They had 3 months off last year as well during lockdown. You’re clearly not right in the head mate if you are blaming that on tiredness. Lack of balls and organisation I’d agree with. Tiredness? Do fuck off with that sort of shit


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16 Jan 2009
It is clear also that Foden still can't be relied upon just yet.

He looked shot after half an hour. Tough asking kids to play every three days.
But we moved him from where he’s been most effective and put him to the other side of the pitch to accommodate Mahrez. Him and Kev had a developing understanding and we lost it with our set up.

Then we did the same with Sterling. Our main attacking threat was shifted out of position to a place where we was surrounded and also massively ineffective.

The tactics were poor and fell off a cliff when Fern and the Foden went off because they can at least run.

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24 Jul 2020
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Poor attitude, application and sheer lack of imagination in our play today. It's as if the team knows that any shot on target against us will result in a goal but still fail to mitigate against it.

Pep needs to sort this out on the training pitch, no matter who we sign in defence this will continue to occur until he finds a balance between attack and defence to mitigate against our shortcomings.

Bielsa awaits next weekend.

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