Leicester (H) Post-Match Thread

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by SebastianBlue, 21 Dec 2019.

  1. Breadsnapper


    2 Jul 2009
    In front of my computer.
    Leicester were awful. Only option was to lump it over the top and hope steptoe gets on the end which he did once. No plan b no football and to think that they're second in the league. No improvement since their league winning season. And to think people are saying Brenda will on day replace Pep. Christ I hope not.
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  2. chesterbells


    15 Apr 2010
    MOTD tonight? I’d say the world club thing will feature highly at some point in the show.
  3. DenisLawBackHeel74


    20 Feb 2010
    KS made some amazing saves....otherwise it would have been 6-1...and totally exposed.
  4. Blue Theatre

    Blue Theatre

    14 Feb 2011
    More proof that actually City are the best team in the PL, and KDB the best player.

    I know the league table doesn't say that currently, but Liverpool rarely (if ever) reach the heights that City are capable of ?
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  5. Blue Hefner

    Blue Hefner

    11 Jul 2009
    I was disappointed in Leicester, I expected more. They had a good 5 minutes at the start of the second half but that was about it

    That said, not many teams could have lived with City today. Walker, Marhez, Mendy and KDB deserve a special mention but I thought Sterling was shit, he looks knackered

    As for Maddison, Chilwell etc. It was hard to see that all the fuss is about
  6. TikiTaka


    5 Aug 2019
    He should be perfectly capable of handling the media, take stand against racism and not let things like huge sponsorship deals comparable to what Beckham had when he was the biggest star in England, to affect him. But I’m not sure. He isn’t focusing on his football and he’s playing like his old self.
    First touches are bad. He hasn’t been a friend with the ball for quite some time. Decision making is bad. Finishing? Completely gone. Never takes a shot. It’s like he’s trying to challenge himself to see how close he can get to the goalline.
  7. Blue Til Death

    Blue Til Death

    9 Jan 2013
    Maine Rd - My Soul Home..
    Love the way Pep takes the piss out of Brenda's goal celebration for the third goal, arms aloft with pointy fingers ... Brilliant :-)
  8. kinkyblue


    8 Mar 2009
    Spot with everything but they gave Mahrez so much space why?
  9. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    somebody has turned up the volume and just at the right time, maybe we are after only one trophy and the big one ? because this team just made one of the hardest teams to beat this season look a mid-table team (leicester city) forget what there manager is saying about they did not turn up today manchester city made them look shit not the other way round

    finally we have found the place for KDB and just having him high up and the free role he looks the new KING, this lad is special and i mean this what am saying, we must do everything possible to keep him happy because the big 2 in Spain will be coming with a open checkbook very soon, and if city want to win the champions league this season or in the near future this lad is the key, am saying right now i would not sell him even if somebody offered £500 million he's that good, everybody is open mouthed when he is playing at this level and the opponent are in fear when he is on the ball, magic dust clouds form and he just floats on water and the sound of seats when city fans getting up you just know its KDB

    i will hold my hands up again gundogan played his part today in the role of the work horse that free's the best players to preform and shine ? i don't know why he turns off at times and can look so sloppy and slow because today vs a better team he did not look out of place

    we did make leicester look like a mid-table team today, its crazy to think we are still 11 points behind the leaders and out of the race for the title because we are the best playing side in europe

    its a honor to watch this team from the stands, the joy of seeing a team playing the game of football in the right way is worth every penny, its just a pity we have VAR in the game and city are having to pay the VAR tax to the premier league is cruel on this club and players that it has done us over this season
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  10. paulc


    25 Jun 2009
    100% agree, Gundi is great in that role, I prefer him there rather than in the no 8 role, Excellent penalty as well

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