Mark Hughes....and thank you Mark Huighes [Merged]

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  1. mb1977


    10 Mar 2009
    Re: Thank you Mark Hughes

    A Message to Mark Hughes:
    I hope you read these threads, Mark, as you will find that not everyone is as trigger happy as the club.
    Thanks for the effort you put in to the club, the signings you made (I was the biggest opposer of Bellamy before I saw him play in blue shirt, now I wish the whole team was made up of 10 Bellamy's and a Given) and for the progress you brought about the club.
    You know as well as we do that its a project far from finished (ha..its hardly even begun) and I have myself been critical, like many others of some of our performances recently. Though I'd hazard a guess not as critical as yourself and the players have been on yourselves. Yet I, again probably like yourself, cannot understand how the club expects to build an empire on sandy foundations and right now I am left with a feeling of what if.
    Still, knee jerk reactions are apparently all the rage in your line of work, and they are unfortunatley as accepted as they are frequent - though I tend to agree with Steve Bruce, in that allowing media pressure to squeeze out managers after every poor refereeing decision will only harm the profession in the long run.
    Only in football though (even that tit Bush got a guaranteed 4 years to run the US economy into the ground and start 2 illegal wars) -we cant give a full season to test your credentials with final league and cup standings. Shame on the board.
    Finally, good luck in your future ventures (with exception to when your teams come up against us) ;)
  2. Thatchersforearm


    8 Jun 2009
    Re: Mark Hughes [Merged]

    Thanks for the effort Mark. We are in a better place than we were when you joined. I don't think you could take us all the way but thought you'd get to the end of the season atleast. All the best, it just didn't work out.
  3. Pam


    19 Aug 2004
    Re: Hughes Sacked

    and personal.
  4. brooklandsblue2.0


    7 Dec 2008
    my ivory tower
    Re: Mark Hughes [Merged]

    Dear Mark, I personally would like to thank you for your time spent here at my club. For what it's worth I think you should have been given more time, only history will tell whether the owners have made the right decision today but I want to thank YOU for the following.

    1) getting us to our 1st semi final since 1981. (first since I have been alive)

    2) De Jong, bringing back SWP, Shay Given, getting the best from SWP, Bellamy, Kompany.

    3) Having the balls (unlike to Sven) to not pander to the likes of Elano.

    4) Losing 2 games since August.

    I wish you every success in the future, and wish you had been given the time you deserved.

    All the best BB2.0
  5. gpwilbur


    23 Jan 2009
    Re: Mark Hughes [Merged]

    Let's face it Hughes did some good things, but he had many failings, which led to poor results. The worst part about him is that he has the charisma of a wet sack of milk. If you can't inspire the current squad, you shouldn't be managing.
  6. coleridge


    27 Aug 2008
    Re: Thank you Mark Hughes

    That's a little ungracious, my friend. MH is a decent family man, was a great player and is an earnest manager. He's settled in the area and jumped at the chance at joining us. He has never said anything wrong from a club point of view that I can remember. He wasn't to know that we'd become the richest club in the world with all that entails. If it had been a few years later with the associated experience that would have brought, he may have done better.

    However, I agree that he has clearly been out of his depth since 01/09/08. He also never has to work again. He will get another job and can rely on the hard luck story.
  7. manchester blue

    manchester blue

    7 May 2008
    Re: Mark Hughes [Merged]

    It's good to see some people have the grace, class and dignity to wish him well and thank him for his efforts even if you were not a supporter.

    To all the rest of you who continue the vile I'd rather you supported another team to be honest.
  8. leewill31


    28 Jun 2007
    Re: Mark Hughes [Merged]

    i could not say much more than this really.
  9. The Pink Panther

    The Pink Panther

    22 May 2005
    Re: Mark Hughes [Merged]

    12 months too late IMO.

    Bye Mark, although to be fair his job changed dramatically with the takeover.

    What I don't understand is how many times we seemed to take the field with no plan at all, never mind a plan A and plan B.

    Hughes to me is a man who can get the best out of mediocre players, not pedigrees
  10. Beagal


    23 May 2009
    Re: Mark Hughes [Merged]

    When will we learn keep sacking managers never works. Mancini what experience of English football, wonder when the never happy doom merchants want him out . Then they will swamp the boards cos they have the biggest gobs until he's out .. I fear that mancini is going to do worse than hughes but hope not cos I want City to do well.. Lets hope the twats that wanted Hughes out give this manager a bit of time.

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