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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 99 5.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1,888 95.0%

  • Total voters


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25 May 2010
Block 210
But it won't fuck anyone over, they will just shrug their shoulders, probably take us to court for the deal we signed up for and get someone in to replace us. We get left pissing in the wind and having to grovel to UEFA before we end up with no european football and the squad puts in a transfer request.
Just wild guessing mate.....I'm lost with it all.


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21 Aug 2014
The Yanks are deluded and unfortunately, in my opinion, Khaldoon and Soriano have massively misjudged this.

The growing unity of the people and football institutions against this can’t be ignored, all it takes is one club to back out for it to unravel and I hope it’s City.

I get why City have joined in fear of being left behind, but I hope they are realising in hindsight that if they had originally refused then there was no way that this would go ahead.
Exactly this, Ferran I could understand, I said earlier, I simply don't think he gets the English mentality to football and it's clubs, but Khaldoon, I feel so let down by this guy, I always believed he was genuine, did the right thing, but it appears at this moment he is no different from the other money crazy lot, they are just snake oil salesmen in nice suits.


5 Dec 2008
Those cases are completely different. PSGs owners need FIFA to be on side for the World Cup and Bayern need fan approval to push it through so cant just jump in.
Bayern don't actually need fan approval despite them being in Germany, look who owns the shares in their club, sponsor ownership takes them well over the required amount.

What they have done is took a stance for their fans.


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23 May 2016
We have the initial twelve.

That leaves eight spaces. For who? Not Bayern, Dortmund, PSG or Porto. Presumably no other clubs from Portugal, France or Germany. So who's getting the last eight?

Ajax? Doubt the birthplace of Cruyff would be up for this. The lower down the list you go the more laughable it gets. Celtic? Club Brugge? Salzburg?

Half this "Super League" is going to be clubs who haven't a hope in hell of winning it. Competition my arse.

stan bowles

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28 Jul 2012
Can people stop making ridiculous comments about foreign owners moving teams to the other side of the world. Have the Glazers moved the Buccaneers away from Tampa Bay ? No. The Buccaneers are still in Tampa Bay where they've been since they entered the NFL in 1976. None of the teams in ESL, if it ever happens - and hopefully it never will, will be moving.

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